Are there other camera brands that don't require Wi-Fi at startup?

My HOA, with 23 buildings, would like to find some cameras which are similar in functionally to the Wyze V3 but do not require a Wi-Fi connection at startup, or in the event they get restarted after a power failure. The situation is that a dozen buildings scattered over 16 acres have a foyer providing entry to four condo units. The occasional druggie or homeless person, in winter months, will camp out in the foyer all night, or until a resident notices them and kicks them out. It would be great to find a camera where the length of motion activated video clips could be set up to 5 minutes, or else continuous recording with a timeline that visually indicates event occurrence.

So, if an event is known to have occurred one morning, management can remove the camera and review video recorded on the micro SD.

Well good luck,in my 45 years of cameras I have never heard of any

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Amcrest? But you still need some kind of network to view them.

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Not clear on the no WiFi requirement. The HOA just doesn’t want to pay for WiFi and/or ask some of the residents to share it for the cameras?

The HOA can’t afford Wi-Fi on a 16 acre complex and they have concerns that involving residents by asking to share their Wi-Fi temporarily could become problematic and invite further problems or liabilities. Eventually they may realize they should eliminate the issue, buy a few dozen push button combination locks to install on foyer entrance doors, despite residents stating they don’t want the hassle of having to enter a code when they are repeatedly going through the door, such after a trip to the grocery store.

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But of course there are dozens and dozens (hundreds most likely) of cameras that will do this, under names like Dashcams and Actioncams and travelcams.

Here is a list of the very cheapest ones at Amazon, just for example.