AppleTV app

This would be a game-changer. Please add this functionality.

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Many (even budget) surveillance / camera systems offer a way to show multiple cameras (indoor, outdoor, door bell – possibly even device data like the current location map on the vacuum) on a single screen (TV) – ideally without additional Alexa or Google or whatever hardware / software. I would assume an Apple TV, Caste, or other (small and non-intrusive) device ahead of the TV may be required, but a simple, low-cost, LOW integration with other services would allow for a really utilize the cams from (hey – look who is outside) to a more elegant surveillance system. It would be low development and engineering cost too.

Perhaps something that uses the existing WI-FI base as a concentrator and you plug in a Wyze Wi-Fi device into the TV HDMI port. I’m getting excited just typing this simple request out!

My 2 cents.


I would be happy to pay for an Apple TV app. Let me choose which camera to watch in each of 4 up display, perhaps allow each panel to rotate through a list of cameras ( I have more than 4), And let me full screen a single camera. Bonus feature, auto display cameras with motion.

I would love one too, but don’t hold your breath. The company doesn’t appear to put iPadOS updates (i.e. landscape orientation throughout the app) very high on their list of priorities, let alone tvOS.