AppleTV app

Count me in, an Apple TV app would be a game changer!

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It would be pretty easy, the iOS app is written, they just need to change the type to tvOS in Xcode, tweek the screen size and publish it. I would pay $5 for it, so suggest to make it a commercial app to offset the development costs.

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I’d take an Apple TV app how ever I could.
Let’s make this happen

While I still very much want HomeKit integration, this would atleast Be a step in the right direction to supporting iOS users


First vote on site and just joined the Wyze family. I must have an Apple TV app for these cameras!!


I joined just so I could vote and voice support for this. PLEASE add an AppleTV app. All I need it to do is support multiple cameras and give me the option to go to the app if there is a notification.


We need this! Google Nest has completely broken their tvOS app by essentially forcing Nest accounts to migrate over to Google accounts after Google bought Nest, but not mentioning that by migrating your account to a Google account that you will no longer be able to log in to the tvOS app to monitor your cameras on the Apple TV. ONLY original Nest accounts can log-in. They’ve mentioned they have no intention on fixing this as well.

All this to say - there’s a huge value-add in an entirely unoccupied space by allowing tvOS camera monitoring! Hoping Wyze can make this happen in 2020 and we’d personally buy SEVERAL more cameras in a heartbeat.

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An Apple TV (along with other boxes) Interface / Interaction would increase value and really make this system shine!

Doooo iiiiit! +1

I really need wyze on TV. Wyze. What’s the delay?

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I’d love one too, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. There appears to be little commitment by Wyze to support numerous Apple specific features such as Apple TV, HomeKit, PiP (picture-in-picture), Slide Over or Split View for my iPad, app-wide landscape mode for my iPad, etc. I truly wish this weren’t the case. My $.02 …