AppleTV app

I wish I knew. All I can suggest is to watch for the tag to change from maybe-later to researching. That will be our indication that there is some progress on it.


+1 I want too

I would love this also and with your upcoming door bell camera this should be required feature so please move it from the “maybe-later” section to the “Yes sir, on it right now…” lol. Think of it also for those that have multiple cameras…a security hub on your apple TV.

This is an absolute must I can not see why this is not already made, we want it, need it, demand it. :hugs::hugs:

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Everyone, you can screen mirror to your Apple TV from your iPad or iPhone and see your feeds

Nobody wants to screen Mirror to get Wyze feeds on Apple TV. I can’t believe Apple would make it to different to modify their iOS app to be an Apple TV app. I am holding off buying any more wyze cameras until they provide an Apple TV app.

Isn’t it crazy that Apple has not made it a priority at their world wide company to appease less than a million Wyze camera users. By the way, you, or Wyze can make a Wyze camera app that works with Apple TV. And from what I can tell this post is way less than a year old. I would also bet that Wyze may have this on their list, along with the most used TV platform Roku, fire TV and Samsung. Until then you can enjoy the convenience of using a $20 camera on your mobile platform. Which you will have access to wherever there is a connection.

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