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Since it doesn’t look like we will be getting Apple HomeKit integration anytime soon due to the encoding limitations and licensing fee associated with it, how about releasing an Apple TV compliant version of the current Wyze app. It doesn’t have to have all the features of the mobile app, but it would allow account holders to view all their cams LIVE streams simultaneously, unlike the mobile app where we have to tap on each cam to view live stream.
I think I can safely speak for most of us Wyze cam owners on IOS that a simple LIVE stream multi-camera viewing app we can see our televisions with out having to use mirroring resources from our mobile devices would be greatly appreciated and will further increase Wyze appeal among Apple owners.
Making changes/creating shortcuts and toggling on/off camera related enabled features should still be done on the mobile app or PC but having the ability to view LIVE streams on your television is great for added security when you are home and want a designated large screen to view all your cameras at the same time. Please consider this, it seems totally feasible and will bypass all the HomeKit integration mess that most likely won’t happen. Nest and Arlo has this already Wyze should follow suit.


Would totally trash my dropcams if you offer this feature. Such a pain to click on each Wyze on my phone to see each feed.

This should not be maybe later. There is a huge number of Apple TV users out there. There is currently no way to view your cameras on TV. Next and Ring both offer this. The Alexa to Fire TV thing you guys have hasn’t been working and it’s been reported for over a year. So there has to be some way of viewing footage on TV, or at least a live feed. At this point this is the only reason I’m keeping my Nest cams over Wyze.

I have both Apple TV and google Chromecast.

I’d like to see bothe Apple HomeKit and google home integration. The way I understand it Apple has now made its authentication process easier to integrate with software into products and google, well they are in everything already so…

I got my first wyze yesterday and will be getting more for sure!

I think now a days to compete wyze needs to be as diverse in platforms as possible. IFTTT was a great first step!!!

I’m all in the way wyze is so far and look forward to more development!!!

What makes wyze unique is the quality for the price point over all other overpriced Arlo, Logitech and the like.

An Apple TV compatible application would be great.

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Guys is it really hard to make an Apple TV compatible app ?

Please yes please! All your cams on screen at once? Yes!

I too would like to see an app for the Apple TV, however, for now I use an Amazon fire stick using tiny camera app, works great.

+1 I would love this feature. We need more votes!!

+1 This would be a great feature.

Can you start with AirPlay compatibility since Apple has been allowing more of that lately.

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Did that first. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to include the app as an AppleTV app.

Add me to the list. Even it’s just a simple multicam view, That works for me.

Would love to see this feature!!!

An AppleTV app would be terrific for me especially since I can now run Apple TV on Samsung UHD 44 inch TV.

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Would love to see this feature as well.

I’m a Cord Cutter, Apple TV is my single source of how we watch “TV” and listen to music. Consequently it’s always on. My ask is that while I’m watching “TV” or listening to music and a Wyze Cam detects motion, a notification could be sent to AppleTV. I would then have the option to view the camera. Think of how picture in picture works today.

This topic has been here a while. Looks like it’s is not a priority for Wyze. Can anybody recommend a camera system that works well with Apple TV?

And now we’re in “next year”… Any hope?