AppleTV app

Guys is it really hard to make an Apple TV compatible app ?

Please yes please! All your cams on screen at once? Yes!

I too would like to see an app for the Apple TV, however, for now I use an Amazon fire stick using tiny camera app, works great.

+1 I would love this feature. We need more votes!!

+1 This would be a great feature.

Can you start with AirPlay compatibility since Apple has been allowing more of that lately.

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Did that first. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to include the app as an AppleTV app.

Add me to the list. Even it’s just a simple multicam view, That works for me.

Would love to see this feature!!!

An AppleTV app would be terrific for me especially since I can now run Apple TV on Samsung UHD 44 inch TV.

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Would love to see this feature as well.

I’m a Cord Cutter, Apple TV is my single source of how we watch “TV” and listen to music. Consequently it’s always on. My ask is that while I’m watching “TV” or listening to music and a Wyze Cam detects motion, a notification could be sent to AppleTV. I would then have the option to view the camera. Think of how picture in picture works today.

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This topic has been here a while. Looks like it’s is not a priority for Wyze. Can anybody recommend a camera system that works well with Apple TV?

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And now we’re in “next year”… Any hope?


I wish I knew. All I can suggest is to watch for the tag to change from maybe-later to researching. That will be our indication that there is some progress on it.


+1 I want too

I would love this also and with your upcoming door bell camera this should be required feature so please move it from the “maybe-later” section to the “Yes sir, on it right now…” lol. Think of it also for those that have multiple cameras…a security hub on your apple TV.

This is an absolute must I can not see why this is not already made, we want it, need it, demand it. :hugs::hugs:

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Everyone, you can screen mirror to your Apple TV from your iPad or iPhone and see your feeds