AppleTV app



Would love to be able to check in on my WyzeCams on AppleTV. iOS apps already exist, so tvOS shouldn’t be too much of a stretch…

Apple TV App

I would love this as well.


I would love to see an Apple TV App allowing multi camera live view on the TV!


+100 :slight_smile: Would let me retire my Dropcam. Nest has a nice app for the ATV.


I completely agree. I’m often away and bring my AppleTV. It would be helpful to see all of my cameras on one screen on the TV.


Yes, this would be a very nice feature. I would also like to see this offered.


Will support update this post when there is an estimated review date? I’d like to make a purchase in a few months and a response here before the holdays would be a part of deciding on platform.


It’s behind several other integrations on the wish list, so I can pretty much guarantee that Apple TV for Wyze Cam is not going to happen this year.


100% behind this please.


By any chance does anyone have any updates on this topic?


I’d also really like to see this happen.


Indeed, me too …


Would love to see this happen as well


This would be great!


I would love this! Please consider it!


+1 here for Apple TV app.


Same here! I created an account just to voice my opinion on wanting an Apple TV app.


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Can’t happen fast enough. Screen mirroring from my phone is a pain. I can’t use my phone at the same time.


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