Apple Watch Integration

I completely agree!! It would be such a massive feature to have a lock/unlock complication. It’s that feature alone why im considering August.

I would also love an App for my Apple Watch which I wear all day long every day. But now that Wyze released their own watch I don’t think this will be possible.

Wyze, please prove me wrong.

Ya, tend agree it may push the watch app further down the priority list. But the wyze band is a toy compared to the Apple Watch. No comparison. I got a friend who tried a band just to avoid the expense of the Apple Watch but it showed him what he was missing so sent it back and spent the extra for the Apple. The only positives for wyze have been Alexa, which it available on Apple using a low cost 3rd party app. The other is battery life for sleep tracking, but I got no idea what people do about it if they are restless sleepers. If not restless and you sleep well, then only benefit is low cost, but traded off for low functionality.

Would love to just have access to the Shortcuts/Rules on the Apple Watch please. Thank you!! :grinning:


I bought an August Smart Lock Pro to do exactly that - be able to quickly and easily unlock my door with my Apple Watch. My goal was to be able to leave the house for a walk with no phone, no keys, just the watch on my wrist. The August Apple Watch control was a failure. It rarely worked and was very laggy when it did. On the other hand, the iPhone app DID lock and unlock reliably. I ended up uninstalling the August and going back to using my key which was 100% reliable and fast. The other smart lock features weren’t worth the failure of the Apple Watch functionality to me. So if Wyze wants to implement this Apple Watch control, I hope they do better than August.

I use an app called Voice in a Can on my Apple Watch and phone which gives my Apple Watch Alexa voice control. I just tap the icon on my watch and ask Alexa to unlock my Wyze lock, speak my PIN number and the door unlocks if needed. Same for locking the door except no pin is needed for that, I just tap the icon and say “lock the door” to my watch as I leave and it locks. Of course I can also use it to control any of my other Alexa enabled devices like lights and plugs. I think the app was $1.99

That sounds like an interesting option. We’re big fans of the Wyze cameras and will consider the Wyze lock and “Voice in a Can”.

I should add that now that I also have the keypad for the lock, having the ability to use voice on my apple watch in case I get locked out is no longer necessary. When I first got the lock, the keypad wasn’t available so having a way to unlock the door if I was without my phone or keys was important.

I just locked my self out of the house installing the Wyze Lock and Keypad. I was installing the bracket for the keypad and realized the keypad was inside the house. The lock was set to autolock by default and I was screwed. My phone was in the house next to the keypad. Luckily I had my Apple watch on so I was able to call my wife from my phone and get her to unlock the house. Sure would have been nice to unlock the door from my watch.

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You can if you have Alexa. I did it all the time to lock the door as I left before the keypad was available and to unlock if Auto Unlock failed or I didn’t have my phone.
There’s an IOS app called “Voice in a Can” that gives the Apple Watch full Alexa Voice control. I put the icon for the app right on my watch face for easy access. The app does cost $1.99, but I love having Alexa voice control on my Apple Watch, which of course is light years ahead of a Wyze band.

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I just want to be able to unlock my door with my watch, rather than fumbling for phone or keys. PLEASE!

If you have Amazon Alexa you can install an app called Voice in a Can on the watch ($1.99 I think) and it will give full Alexa voice control to the Apple Watch. I’ve used it to both lock and unlock my Wyze lock, especially before the keypad was available.

Thanks, I did that and it works, albeit inconsistently.

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