Apple Watch Complication



An Apple Watch Complication where we can

  1. Toggle on/off manual Task
  2. See Task shortcut logs (success or failed) only display a weeks worth since screen is small or at the very least one days worth.
  3. See Motion Detection Alert notification picture stills with time stamp and cam name ( video clip play back would be ideal, but a pic still will suffice) This will solve us not having to run to our iphone or ipad to view as they may not always be around…even eBay give pictures push alerts of an item bought has shipped, this will help greatly.
    …At most though being able to turn task on/off from your Apple Watch would be great, when you leave your iphone at home or in the car.


That would be an ambitious undertaking - I completely support.

Also viewing video on the Apple Watch - either real time or alert notifications.

Candidly, I would pay “some amount” as an in-app purchase to add these capabilities to my Wyze App that I have already on my iPhone.

Point me to the Cheering Section so I can jump and down with the rest.


The cheering section is the VOTE button at the top of this page. :slight_smile:


I would support paying extra to have this as an add on for the app.


Just upgraded from S0 to S4. I’d really love AppleWatch support. Please make it happen :slight_smile:


I know right but I don’t think it will be coming anytime soon but I’m hopeful.