Apple HomeKit Integration

This needs to happen, it will make Wyze the ultimate platform!


I’d be satisfied if just the Wyze Sense products were Homekit enabled. I’m fine with the separate app for the video, and can understand that Apple might not offer the exception, but if the sensors could trigger the camera natively and then interact with other Homekit items simultaneously, that would be good enough to bridge the gap, at least until the camera specs meet Apple standards.


Please add HomeKit support. I will be very to add anything under Wyze brand that support Apple HomeKit. :slight_smile:


This would be amazing, I would even pay an upgrade charge for it. Right now my cameras are limited and won’t be getting more. HomeKit would change that.

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Does this do anything for your HomeKit integration plans?


Okay. Calm down. Respect Wyze’s business model. You can buy a $100+ camera anytime you want.
All Wyze fans want them to be able to support HomeKit.

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This is a new feature of HomeKit that was announced today. Your HomePod will handle doing the heavy lifting of video analysis and iCloud will handle the storage.


I know but to their model I would buy more if they supported it. Will have to spend more on my end for better support. Love Wyze and would pay more for the HomeKit to support them.

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I would buy several more cameras if Wyze commits to supporting the new HomeKit Secure Video option!


Yep, totally agree with above.
You guys need to support HomeKit now. And it would be the best product on the market. I would definitely buy a lot more.
Do it! :+1: Please! :smile:


would love this, especially after yesterdays annoucements regarding cameras and homekit


Would LOVE homekit integration, especially with all the new features announced yesterday.


Holy Moses. Dude if they bring HomeKit support across their line - Wyze will absolutely destroy the HomeKit market.


Please add this! It’s one of the last features I would like to see added.


After the loss of the recent DVR cloud appliance partnership it would be easily replaced by Apple for free with new HomeKit features.


This is by far the most important feature for me. Wyze is pretty much the only non-homekit smart home devices I have and will get replaced if support doesn’t happen soonish.


And I thought I was the only one. Great to see other’s need for HomeKit. I too am looking and would like Wyze to capture my biz rather than another… You can do it!

It actually isn’t free. It requires an iCloud storage plan that costs at least $3/month. If you have more than 1 camera, you would need to pay $10/month. I have 3 Wyze cams because they are so affordable.

I’m not sure why it would cost $3 per month? How much storage does this require? Add to that most who use iCloud are already paying for larger plans for backup

If you are already paying for the $3/month, or, $10/month storage plan…then, it’s not a new expense. But, I don’t think that most people are already paying for one of these. At any rate, it requires a paid service…so, it’s not free. It’s a new benefit that comes with these services.