Apple HomeKit Integration


Cool, maybe I’ll give this a try. A couple of questions for you before I do so:

  1. in the ATV App Store I see “CCTV LIVE Camera Footage” ($.99) and “CCTV Viewer” ($2.99). Are you using one of these or something else?

  2. as I understand it, once you’ve installed the RTSP firmware, there’s no turning back to a non-RTSP version. Does this cause you concern? Did you update all of your cameras?



Would love homekit integration as well! Take my $$$$ please.


In addition to the Wyze camera HomeKit integration of the Wyze motion sensor and contact switches would be be fantastic. These sensors are much smaller than others. I would love to be able to turn on the yard lights when the camera is recording. HomeKit integration would make this easy.


RTSP installation is not final, you can revert back to the standard firmware. But you can’t have both at the same time or easily swap from one to the next.

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Ahhh, thanks, didn’t know that …


I can’t wait to have HomeKit for Wyze. I would buy more of them because I need something that is easily accessible from HomeKit and siri shortcuts.


Just bought my first Wyze Cam, testing now. If Homekit becomes available, I will buy more units. Located in Canada, order it from for 39.00 Canadian, but I am aware no warranty. Hopefully, I won’t need it for a year or so.


CCTV Viewer for $2.99 is what I am using.

RTSP firmware - WyzeFrederick pointed out that, currently, reverting is still possible – not a mojo concern to me, since backtracking on this would at most cost $20 for another camera.

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