Apple HomeKit Integration

It’s not so much of the hardware but on the firmware. Basically, the second stream is 360p and they are requiring 720p. We can’t upgrade the firmware to 720p so we have to ask for an exception from Apple and we don’t know if that exception will be accepted.


I’d gladly buy a 4K Pan Model. Really love my wyze just prefer to have all the automation in HomeKit and not separate apps for everything.


Count me in as being very interested in this. Especially with the Home app coming to macOS, it would instantly make Wyze cameras viewable on desktop.


“So now one of the next Aqara products to hit the stores, at least initially in China, will be the new Aqara G2 Smart Camera.”

“this new camera from Aqara, that we estimate will be due out within the next couple of months, won’t be HomeKit compatible at launch, but will, according to our source, get HomeKit compatibility soon after. If this really happens, then with the price in China roughly around $35-$40, will be by far the cheapest HomeKit compatible camera on the market”

Xiaomi manufactures the WyzeCam cameras (in fact, Wyze’s models are rebrands of the existing identical Xiaomi models, with localized and arguably better apps / software. Seems that Xiaomi will be providing HomeKit compatibility to their Aqara camera pretty soon (maybe).

I just ordered 2 of them to try them out.

I was concerned that I’d have to go through AliExpress or AliBaba – but they are available via Amazon, slightly more expensive, but with free shipping:

They are also billed as “HomeKit” already, but that could also just be the vendor fibbing - it’s a Chinese reseller, so who knows. That’s why I’ve ordered two, as well as the hub, to try them out.

This has now been been fixed with the latest firmware for the cam, and latest update of the Mi Home app. You still need to select China as your location, but everything else works.
Also, I’ve noted that Xiaomi’s latest iOS app and firmware has locked out their Xiaomi Dafang cameras (the OEM of Wyze’s cameras) from working outside of China. This is a recent change from Xiaomi and smells of dirty pool… they can still be hacked, though.

Perhaps Wyze could consider adding HomeKit via a plug-in module similar to the Wyze Sense approach.

That way the cameras remain at the current price point (or there about) and those of us who want HomeKit can pay for the more expensive tech via plug-in module(s).


Interesting idea. I’d try one out for $20, and if I liked it would buy several more.

That’s a great idea - you mean something like a gateway or hub of sorts?

This would make the most sense, and would require very little actual modifications or firmware tweaks on the cameras, as the gateway module can basically act as a converter (including providing that second elusive 720p stream through a conversion).

Such a module could reasonably sell for anything between $20-$60 (you just need one for XX cameras), and conveniently enough Xiaomi makes such a hub as part of the Aqara line (I ordered one) that already provides Homekit support - so WYZE could/should just re-brand it for the US market.


As many others have said, Apple Homekit integration would be huge!

Apple Homekit integration = more sales and $$$ for Wyze, as this would be a huge selling feature.


I would pay you an extra 10 dollars to add homekit firmware to my wyzecam and happily spend that much more for future cameras.

I agree I would love to be able to have a live feed on my Apple TV.

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With the RTSP firmware, you can have live feeds on your AppleTV.

Install an appleTV app called CCTV on your appleTV, and enter the URL provided by the RTSP feature.

Boom, live feeds!

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Okay Seriously now. With the door and motion sensors, you have to get Homekit integration completed. If Onvis can do it, so can you. If my Wyze mailbox (door) sensor could tell my Homekit lights to turn blue, it would be awesome.


I second this. Homekit integration would be amazing.

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That simple? Have you actually done this?

Kudos to the Wyze team for answering questions openly and honestly. This is a refreshing approach as compared most companies.

That said, I second the need for HomeKit integration. Amazon and Google are likely not the best friends of small, aggressive companies like yours - especially when their business models is based on selling data to the highest bidder. Many iOS users picked Apple because of their perceived commitment to privacy. When I start to install cameras and sensors in my home, the last thing I want is a team from Amazon rummaging through my various feeds for any reason. I believe as a marketing perspective showing clear support for HomeKit would also show your commitment to privacy.

Yes, I have. Looking at my Live Feeds right now.

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would love homekit integration! just want to up vote this and keep making it known we want it! i know it requires hardware, not just software, so im patient, but keep up voting homekit integration!!!

@Nickk28, Actually! since 2017 no hardware is required at all! Apple changed this to compete with Amazon and Google. See, e.g.,

So adding homekit support can be just a firmware update :). I have hopes they will do it at some point soon!