Apple HomeKit Integration

They cant run RTSP with the regular firmware on the same chip, so they would have to dump the production firmware.

HKSV effectively lobotomizes the camera and really only wants the raw video.

There are several caveats in red text throughout the cam app UI that show what is being changed (another example is resolution where the cam gets downgraded to 1080p from 2K).

Simply put: Wyze doesn’t see any benefit to HomeKit and won’t support it.

They tried, Apple would not give them an exception to the requirements. If you read up somewhere in this thread the second stream coming from Wyze is 360 which does not meet Apples requirements of 720. Wyze could not upgrade the firmware to meet that requirement and asked for an exception and were denied.

You can use bulbs, plug contact sensor motion sensor with the „homebridge-wyze-connected-home“ plugin on Homebridge.

For cameras with the RTSP Firmware you can use the „Homebridge Camera FFmpeg“ plugin on Homebridge.

Great, that’s a big plus for them to add Homekit and Homekit Secure Video. If only WYZE would at least add Homekit. Instead of ignoring half of the U.S. Population.

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What is the status of using HomeKit and RTSP? I was using the Homekit beta and RTSP firmware but both stopped working. I guess after a recent update? Can I install previous update s to make HomeKit and RTSP work again? Also, I liked the way the cameras worked with HomeKit and raspberrypi and would like to get that functionality back.

I think the status is that it’s not going to happen until Wyze Cam V4.

Eufy Indoor Cam 2k. Works great with HKSV. Have not tried streaming to RP yet.

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If you really want Homekit support, and Wyze is to laze to support it directly or at least create a plug-in for say HOOPS, then better off to look elsewhere than dealing with RTSP for soso support for 1 camera.

Forget about waiting around in the HOPE of Wyze support. It seem they don’t give a crap about half of the U.S. that use iPhones.

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EUFY in general makes a number of really good products, including their cameras. I believe they also support Homekit these days also. I’d take a look over at them for your camera needs.

Eufy supports both HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video (all AI processing on local Apple hubs and encrypted before storage, if you want it stored, and encrypted end-to-end). Apple has no way of viewing your content.

Wyze has full access to your stored video.

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I’m not going to be able to purchase WYZE products going forward until there is a HomeKit solution. The HomeKit Beta seemed to work well but I guess WYZE gave up. I think I’ll try the Eufy Indoor Cam 2k and look into HKSV. Thanks


True but the 15-20 second lag is hardly worth it if you need to access the camera quickly. If your setup is faster please let me know what you did. I have parents with dementia living with me and I need to access the camera much quicker.

Eufy has benefited from HK integration and people do not seem to worry about the drop to 1080p in hopes that HK will upgrade at some point. I am one of them.

Only if you do not mind a 10-15 second lag.

With HKSV, I rarely have more than a second or two lag. I have not tried the RTSP and probably won’t.

However, Apple’s AI still thinks my cat is a person and there’s no way to flag it for supervised learning. Facial recognition is ok but I have the camera pointed perpendicularly to the door so it usually only sees profile views. I’m sure it would work much better on a doorbell and I’ll probably migrate to Logitech for that.