Apple HomeKit Integration

We’re all hoping, but nothing yet unfortunately…

Some things I don’t mind that there is no Homekit support with it, Other things I do. About 50% of the U.S. population has iPhones, so to me, it seems a little strange. You have to just look at WYZE and think they could care less about Homekit support. Because at this point, that is how it looks, and until they say otherwise,… You’ll have to look elsewhere. Never buy anything in the hope it may have the feature at some later date. Buy a product for what it has currently. So if it’s WEMO or Eufy or Ecobee, or Rachio, or one of the growing number of other company’s that support Homekit, you’ll have to buy their products instead. It is, what it is.

My perspective is that Wyze continues to put out a greater variety high quality smart home components, with a fantastic iOS interface. And that we, as consumers, would like a full system support with Home Kit.

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Wyze needs to make its own business decisions. This, of course, is true.

However, some hardware manufacturers have followed through on their commitments to provide HomeKit compatibility and some have not.

WeMo, for example, most certainly did. Although they initially provided a bridge for older non compliant devices, some of those devices, plugs, were made natively compatible and others, older switches were not.

I own all of the above and with iterative firmware updates they all work quite well. So clearly it can be done. And Wyze would be wise to follow the same course.

HomeKit with its emphasis on security isn’t a choice for so many of us, it’s a requirement. So that’s why.

I would like to see Wyze take advantage of Apple HomeKit. Like others, I have various devices, from Amazon to Apple to iHome to Wyze, not to mention many smart devices, namely TVs and Rokus for me.

Adding Apple HomeKit for Wyze devices would mean I can use Apple HomeKit for everything, plus Amazon Alexa. Plus IFTTT, And I will be able to keep them together on Alexa and Home, which means double accessibility for Wyze devices.

And, the tradeoff of inexpensive or free for lacking privacy matters.

They need to create a hub, and they’d be good to go!

Hey man I understand you’re frustrated, but let’s not turn this into insults thrown around a schoolyard please simply because you want to disagree.

Apple rejected WyzeCam2 for HomeKit, and as well as at least one other product, based on hardware grounds, as Wyze let us know about it.

Wyze is entitled to run it’s business however it sees fit, and as much as I would like for HomeKit support too, they most certainly don’t owe it to anyone because a promise was never made, and it was never advertised as a guaranteed capability either.

Furthermore, for any other of Wyze’s products that contains hardware that could possibly provide support for Apple HomeKit, Amazon, and Google Home.:

  • It still requires a ton of software engineering to make that happen on a resource constrained micro controller with memory capabilities measured in kilobytes

  • It was difficult for much larger and longer established companies with much larger software development teams to include HomeKit support along with support for all other platforms. HomeKit was always the last to be supported, as it has the smallest consumer base.
    That is business logic.

  • Yes, Belkin WeMo plugs can be bought for $5. But they used to sell them for about $40 each, and they were not able to add HomeKit support to those until they were already on the market for about four years or so.

  • Wyze does not have Belkin’s resources in software development and support.

It’s a simplistic logical fallacy to go from observing e.g. a $5 WeMo for sale with HomeKit support, to concluding that therefore there’s no realistic reason explaining why Wyze does not offer HomeKit.

There’s a lot of assumptions being made on under the hood there.

  • any other conclusions made on that fallacy are unfounded, and kind of unfair to the company really.

If it would be relatively easy for Wyze to add HomeKit support, then they would do so… it would actually save them a bit of $$ by having that money fewer devices frosting them usage charges being incurred to them on their AWS-based infrastructure

The more I read this topic, the more I dont understand why are people still looking/waiting for this HomeKit integration.

I really liked Wyze (actually I still do), and what they wanted to do. They offered incredible camera at one low price, and as company they had that startup vibe and everyone seemed cool and fun to talk to.

However, the more product they introduced (which I did buy) the less I wanted to integrate Wyze with HomeKit – and my main reason is so many bugs I have experienced.

I backed up six different products and most of them had so many bugs.

Cam 1/2/Pan: I had all three, total of eight cameras and for most part they were ok if I wanted to just check out what is going on in specific room. Notifications were hit or miss, sometimes it worked good and sometimes it worked bad. Overall it was not that bad, price point was low so I was ok.

Wyze Sense: Loved size of the sensor and motion detectors, but notifications were bad, sometimes I would not even get them at all.

Wyze bulb: Worst product ever, imagine light turning on at 2am for no reason. Went through so many troubleshooting steps, logs, new bulbs, two houses, still same issue.

Wyze Plug: Best Wyze product, never had issues, rules start/stop on time. Even used them outside.

Wyze Can Outside: Similarly to Wyze Bulb, waste of money. Notifications/detections are so bad.

If the HomeKit was introduced today, I dont think I would use Wyze to integrate.

What I have done is slowly started buying HomeKit products and replaced Wyze. It took me a year but I am more happier with current set up, and its integrated with HomeKit. It did cost me more than Wyze, but there are way less bugs + its integrated with HomeKit,

Current Set Up:
Lights: Sengled, have had zero issues
Sensors: Door/Windows/Temperature/Water Leak - sensors are small in size, and they work, water sense is the one that is going off/on sometimes but overall its ok - Aqara
Nest: Doorbell, Smokedetector, Outside cameras - All connected through Starline Home Hub which works really good (outdoor cameras price sucks).
Cameras: Indoor Cam 2k - Eufy

Maybe I am wrong as I am making my decision on only 6 products from Wyze. But, if you want to wait, wait, if you dont, then stop complain and get some HomeKit products and start integrating them…its cool once u connect everything.