Apple HomeKit Integration

Best option I’ve found so far (which I will be acquiring soon!):

Brilliant is nice, but it’s expensive and it lacks Wyze integration. A simple Wyze HomeKit capability would be more desirable and in opinion.

I remember seeing that system in the past. It’s pretty cool and it looks like it works with Siri and Homekit. Along with Google and Alexa. It looks like their light control is Homekit compatible and it looks interesting. A sliding-type dimmer control switch. If I had a larger house where this makes sense to get, I’d look at getting it. It’s pretty cool, and works with a lot of devices, but it’s like Alexa built into my Ecobee that is in the hallway. I find almost no point in ever using it. I’m right there, I can use the touch controls, otherwise, if I’m someplace else, I’m using Siri to control the temp if need be.

I kind of feel the same way with this Brilliant product. Am I really going to stand there at the wall controlling things, or be sitting down doing the same with Siri or the home app? I’ll be sitting down. But how well it controls everything, and if I can do Alexa only things still using Siri and Homekif because of this Device, then maybe it’s something to really think about.

I do wish there was just 1 Universal standard they could all agree to use. Instead of this basic Smart Home War that is going on.

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From what I gather, once this unit is installed and set up correctly, you could say “hey Siri, turn on the hallway light” - because Siri would be linked to that device, and any smart device linked to it would then be HomeKit capable…I think…and that would ROCK.

That would be amazing. I haven’t been able to find anything that confirms that. I’d love to hear your experience once you get it, if it does work, I’d be a customer of Brilliant as well!

That is Siri integration - different from HomeKit integration.

Siri Integration is taking an app command and making it accessible over Siri via iOS. The privacy, automation, encryption etc is handled by the app or device.

HomeKit is a completely different ecosystem with privacy, encryption and automation handled by Apple and Apple Hubs.

You are correct. I don’t think there was any debate on that.

I’m advocating for HomeKit enabled Wyze products. Xcyzon is suggesting that the Brilliant system might be a possible work around for Siri support. The ultimate desire is Wyze HomeKit integration though.

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Exactly. As a uniform system of integration, allowing Siri to be the command source, prior to full encryption and privacy levels achieved with HomeKit, this should function as a crutch in the interim.

That last update I can find on this topic is from a year ago (apologies if I’m missing something). Have there been any further updates on HomeKit? That’s a big part of our product buying decisions moving forward.

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I’m in the same exact position. I was told, chatting with a rep at Wyze, that they are negotiating logistics with Apple…whatever that really mean…

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They said in a thermostat thread that it was built with HomeKit compatible and should be after the new year. But we all heard that before so do with it what you will

Oh how I hope that is true. I just installed my Wyze thermostat this week, HomeKit would make it even better.

A hub, just make a Wyze HomeKit hub for all of your products and GOOD TO GO!!

Any help besides HOOBS for using WYZE with the IOS home app and HomeKit?

I don’t want to leave but I have sooooo many Hue, Meross, Sylvania, Koogeek products that all work flawlessly with the Apple world I love.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait for my WYZE door locks and cameras (V3 & WCO) to be compatible.

There must be some way to get these working please help or I’ll sell these cheap and eat the loss as I leave these behind.

It’s a shame. I understand all the explanation but I was hoping to get more Wyze products and now I will have to hold up until the Apple Home integration is available.

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Love their stuff, but done until HomeKit integration unfortunately…

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I’ve been using WeMo for years…Wyze is so much better with an incredibly superior iOS experience BUT WeMo at least has a bridge and Apple HomeKit support.

C’mon Wyze, let’s do this…

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I’ve been getting Meross products as they have HomeKit products and they seem to be working well. However, I really like the Wyze products I’m phasing out…

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Same here. Meross and Eufy support HomeKit and have been working pretty well so far. Disappointed in Wyze’s choice. It’s clear this is a choice they’ve made. They speak with their silence and where their efforts are placed. Oh well… I’m definitely concerned about all the products too. This is a lot for a lean mean company. It looks like things have changed. Maybe I could send them some books on focus. Do one thing really well! Then add another rather than 10. :wink:

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Any updates on this? My biggest frustration with WYZE is that it doesn’t connect with HomeKit.

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