Apple HomeKit Integration

Is this a solution to Homekit?

I do not use Apple, but I do not believe this is a solution to Homekit, I believe this is just running the app on the computer. I am sure I will be corrected by an Apple enthusiast if I am wrong. I am sure @rbruceporter would know the answer to this.

Yes indeed, it’s just running the iOS version of the app which Wyze can block and not allow at any time. It is NOT HomeKit. HomeKit is inside the Home app.
They said the new M1 Macs would run most iOS apps unless the dev blocks it from Macs. Some of the top devs did like Google & Facebook.

I can confirm the Wyze app does work on the new Apple M1 Mac’s. Nice getting Notification on the computer and just clicking it and seeing the clip.

Again this is just the iOS version of the ap. It’s not HomeKit support. Wyze can decide like other devs to not allow this on macOS at anytime. This was shown during the M1 presentation that they will run iOS apps…

That is correct. Its just the app running on the Mac just like it does from the phone. I didn’t say anything about HomeKit support. I have given up on HomeKit support from Wyze and started to switch to the Aqara or Eufy cams for HomeKit integration.

I don’t see how business-wise, Wyze would ever implement Homekit. It would erode the necessity to go with the Cam+ and especially for Apple users who are generally more willing to spend more to get what they want. Don’t get me wrong, I would love this! But they would have to be into charity work to do this, especially with Cam+ around. Unless they pop it behind a small paywall like the ‘edge’ detection where you can pay what you want for all the cameras on the account, etc. We’ll see I guess. I’d certainly be happy with the company again if they could or would do something like that. I doubt that Homekit integration can be retrofit with the V2s though. So far, all home kit compatible cameras are pretty specific regarding hardware requirements.

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I have made the decision now to move away from Wyze,
I just don’t believe HomeKit will ever be integrated in Wyze products and this is something that matters to me. The good people at Wyze keep coming up with new devices like headphones, scales, vacuums and now sprinkler systems… and that’s OK of course but it’s a small company and I think their focus is on this now, not adding functionality to their existing products. This is a business decision for them and I hope it’s the correct decision for the company. I am a bit annoyed that Wyze didn’t just admit a long time ago that they would never add HomeKit support but hey, it’s only a few dollars lost. I really do want the best for Wyze.

I had the same thought today. If the devices cannot be HomeKit compatible, how about the Wyze app? That could be an easier way to add some support for Apple automation.

Wyze should bring HomeKit compatibility to their products, especially with Apple’s new HomePod Mini! I plan to blanket my house with the new HomePods and will most likely have to leave the Wyze family eventually without that support being implemented with a software update or new products!

Curiously, there are products available that were not natively HomeKit compatible, that vendors build a bridge for. That bridge could facilitate communications with HomeKit. Wemo switches, for example.

It’s just frustrating watching new product, after new product hit the market and still no word from WYZE that HomeKit compatibility is even on the roadmap. If it’s not, then please just say so.

I have officially given up hope for HomeKit from Wyze. Found a great deal on Lifx bulbs on Ebay, brand new. And grabbed Meross Plugs today on the Amazon Deal Of The Day. Spent total of $45 for 5 bulbs and 3 plugs. Will likely go with Eufy 2K cams and scale. Even though the Wyze scale does work with HealthKit, I would feel weird keeping Wyze for just a scale.
I plan on replacing my Amazon Echo’s with HomePod Minis over the next few months. And the great part is all the things Wyze makes you pay for with their cams is free when using HomeKit. That makes me think why they won’t integrate because it’s the easy way for users out of paying for CamPlus.

I am in the same boat. Bought some of the new products from Wyze just because I like to have new tech around to check out. I have replaced my cams with Eufy and I have started to replace all of my Sense products with Aqara. I still run Wyze for plugs and sense on some of my windows but they are in HomeKit via Hoobs. I think Wyze might be late to the game with the color smart bulb as well. I just picked up some of the new Nanoleaf A19 color bulbs. They are $19.99 which I think is extremely reasonable and the have Thread technology so HomePod minis will make easy setup and control of them. I think Wyze is making a huge mistake with not supporting HomeKit and HomeKit Secure video. Consumers are not going to want to pay a subscription on something they get for free. I think if they don’t support HomeKit or come out with an all inclusive plan like the new Nest subscription, next year could really hinder their growth as everyone is watching what they spend a little more closely due to the uncertainties ahead.

Once in a while I come back on this thread here and marvel at the mountainous sense of self-entitlement expressed in various degrees of outrage at Wyze for not having a Homekit integration, and all the endless howling allegations of betrayal by Wyze for allegedly making “promises” for Homekit integration that it in fact never made.

The only “promise” that they made it that they would try, and that’s exactly what they have done. Wyze’s hardware isn’t capable of satisfying Apple’s requirements for HomeKit while simultaneously satisfying all the other integrations out there that are also completely cloud-based.
If people would wake up a little bit, it’s obvious that the low price point of Wyze’s products—slim margins & high sales qtys—are obviously key to its business model, and combine that with it being the size of a relatively small company, and not say, Belkin, they’re not going to all of a sudden start spending a whole lot more on components for their future components just to be able to satisfy Apple’s requirements for commercial Homekit approval. .

Lots of people in here think WYZE OWES them integration with a localized platform when they’re actually a cloud-based platform, and they clearly intend to remain that way.

When you bought your products from Wyze, you got a exactly what they made clear what they’ve been selling.

That was a huge load of crap there. Wyze hasn’t even tried and we know that because there are more generic companies out there like Meross and VocoLinc that support HomeKit. Lifx just launched a $10 smart bulb for HomeKit and Nanoleaf just launched a $20 full color bulb with thread support.
If you read HomeKit Weekly on 9to5mac, there are more generic cameras supporting HomeKit. Unless you’re telling me Wyze is under the generic companies on the totem pole.
It hurts me to have to leave Wyze over this, I love Wyze products and even Siri Shortcuts support would’ve been an effort in my opinion. But they haven’t even tried, it’s obvious now that they have zero plans for HomeKit and that’s ok but tell people that and close this thread then. I have no ill-will against Wyze and will always recommend them to there people who are not in the Apple ecosystem.

I don’t know why you’re mad at Wyze when you should be mad at Apple. Very few home automation companies support HomeKit. The reason is that Apple in their typical fashion got greedy and attempted to cut themselves in for a piece of the pie for every home automation product that connected to their system by requiring their chip in every endpoint. No other home automation company was that greedy. Sure, eventually Apple dropped that requirement, but it was too late. The damage had been done and the world had passed Homekit by.

Maybe Homekit will one day recover, but the blame for it’s current situation rests securely on Apple. You can’t blame Wyze for looking at the market and prioritizing Homekit accordingly.

I don’t think it’s so much anger as it is disappointment. People are also frustrated that WYZE has kept saying HomeKit support is in development when in reality it’s not at all. So, yes, some of the blame is with WYZE for leading on their customers.

WYZE makes some good products, and I’d love to buy more. But it’s okay. They are in the business of making money, and it takes money for software development. HomeKit obviously isn’t a priority right now with their roadmap, and that’s okay.

I quite enjoy all of my HomeKit enabled products, and there are plenty available to choose from. I’m actually about the pull the trigger on some Eufy pro cameras. I’m super excited to utilize my iCloud storage so I don’t have to waste money on storage subscriptions.

It’s all good, man. People can be frustrated when a company leads them on, and those same people (like me) will just have to move on and spend their money elsewhere.


Totally agree 100%. Again I can never say anything bad about Wyze. I’ve loved them for as long as I’ve had their products, but it’s time to move on, I wanna move towards a total HomeKit home. And Wyze will still do okay and supporting only Alexa and Google still gives them a good advantage. And maybe they don’t look at Apple fanboys as their way.
I bought some Meross plugs to replace the Wyze ones and the setup was so easy. just scan the QR code and boom done. I got some LIFX bulbs coming. I’m waiting to see if Eufy has any sales on their 2K cams before I pull the trigger and if not gonna grab those soon also no matter what.
Wyze has affordable products for people in the Alexa/Google ecosystem. And I feel I got my money’s worth from their products. I had an all-Alexa home. But now that Apple has made it affordable, it makes more sense to go that way since I’m all Apple already.
For those of us in the Apple eco-system, Wyze already knows that there is going to be a mass-exodus this holiday season. And I feel that they are ok with that, maybe they already know that the Apple people are not the bulk of their customers or have numbers they feel are acceptable not to address HomeKit or push it. And personally I will hold onto their products even though they won’t be in use incase they do support HomeKit down the line with my current products. Then I will have extras and can expand my smart-home set-up. But I agree no one is mad at Wyze per-say. It’s pure disappointment, but at the end of the day they feel their business decision is best for them…

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