Apple HomeKit Integration

Don’t count on or assume there will be any kind of Homekit support unless something actually has it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a WYZE product or some other brand. Even if they say future support for Homekit. Don’t buy the product for a statement like that. Even IF a company says that, it could be for a future version of the camera or whatever, and not the current products. Wait until the product actually supports Homekit. If there is nothing, move onto something else.

Personally, for a camera, I don’t think it’s a HUGE deal unless you want to link say a camera to something else. Most of my cameras are POE (Power over Ethernet). So they are recording 24/7 with around 3 weeks I can look back currently. They are 5MP cameras. So in the middle of 1080P and 4K. All the content is saved to a NVR (Network Video Recorder) Analog Security cameras which normally have a BNC connector along with a power connector use a DVR. (Digital Video Recorder) I have my NVR is a lockbox, in an out of the way, high place. The nice thing about POE cameras, you get a better picture as it’s all digital, and it’s much easier to run an ethernet cable and then cut to the length you need and put an RJ45 connector onto it. If you need to run your Ethernet cable outside, or underground, you can buy an ethernet cable that works best for those kinds of situations.

I do have a Wyze V2 camera in the same location as my NVR Lockbox. So it can record that area and the box. which is a secondary source and being recorded on the SD card and clips into the cloud. I also have a couple Outside Cameras, they are actually working pretty good for me. I had the 1 first with the Hub, it’s mounted on the far side of my house where I havn’t had time to mount a POE camera over there yet. I plan on 2 more. So until then, I got these Outside WYZE Cameras. The first one I mounted the last weekend of Aug because I was going on a Houseboat trip the first week of Sept. I haven’t touched that camera since then. I just looked and it’s at 58% battery life left. It’s been 8 weeks now. So my guess is that the battery life will last 4 months. That’s around what I was expecting. Other battery-powered cameras never last as long as stated either.

As for notifications, They’re not speedy, but my V2 camera is also not speedy either and seems to take just as long, SSLLOOOOWW. I get the notification and hit it and it goes right into the app, I feel for the most part that is good enough.

I still think the biggest issue is no PC support, No ability to access through a web browser like I can with my Ecobee4 or Rachio 3 even my POE cameras. That I can access in an app or on my Windows Computer. It is, what it is. Wyze does have some really good prices on their hardware. I wondered how they were even making any money. I guess the profits were really slim since they are now offering a paid service so they can make money after the sale. It is, what it is.

Do your research before you buy anything and don’t just assume anything. That goes for anything. A car, a house, a TV, whatever. Don’t jump to buy something and then do an ops later. You may just regret it.

I have the Wyze Scale which seems nice and priced right. The Thermostate they now have looks interesting. How they made it so cheap, great for them. But of course, there’s no Homekit support, fine, I won’t buy it. But I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway as I have the Ecobee 4 already. But that may limit who I recommend it for. If they are a Homekit house, NO, but if they just have an iPhone and can just use an app when needed, it’s as cheap or cheaper than a dumb thermostat so you might as well get it!!! Get what works best for your own needs, which is why you need to research anything you are going to buy first. If you can do that as a few places, even better.

That’s the thing about HomeKit - it replaces you entire setup. Steal my camera? So what? Video is securely encrypted in my iCloud space, and I’m the only one with a key. No need for lockbox in a high location. Since HomeKit cams are WiFi, no need for the cable/POE infrastructure.

On top of that - all the image processing is done locally on my AppleTV (never in someone’s cloud space, not even Apples).

Notifications? Literally could not be any quicker.

I’m not suggesting a wired, POE camera system doesn’t have a place, but I am asserting that HomeKit is very much the future of IoT integration, privacy, and security.

EDIT: There’s a Wayne Gretzky quote that’s relevant here…something about moving to where the puck was…? No, that wasn’t it…

Is there a good tutorial that you could recommend on setting up Homebridge?

Several, what are you going use to run Homebridge on? Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi?

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If you just start at the website and pick your platform, the tutorials are pretty clear.

I just returned to using Homebridge set up on a Windows server using Hyper-V…could not have been more painless. Now, I just have to consider getting an Apple device to allow for remote access. The Homepod Mini is enticing…

I use two HomePods as well as two Apple TV’s as hubs for HomeKit. One at a time of course. Lots of redundancy I guess. I also plan on ordering 3 HomePod mini’s which will let me retire my Alexa’s entirely. I was using the Alexa’s primarily as whole house music but 3 more mini’s will let me switch to Apple for that too. And that’s really the last remaining use I had for Alexa.

Yeah, we’re slowly extricating ourselves from Amazon as well.

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Raspberry PI 4.

Are two good ones to start with.

Thanks man.

I bought a Z-stick some time back with the idea that I could plug it into a Raspberry PI running Homebridge and it would act as a bridge between HomeKit and z-wave devices. Is that the way to do it?

I have seen where people have done exactly that. There are a lot of 3rd party plugins for an amazing variety of tech.

Why does Wyze not officially state that they will not ever be implementing Homekit support for any of their products , now and in the future ?
The upcoming Doorbell makes no reference to Homekit support
Nor is Wyze interested in adding Homekit support for their bulbs which according to posts on the forum has Homekit potential

The problem with Wyze is their approach to HomeKit and their own ecosystem. Their current backend is built for the cloud. I know they have said before that they are rebuilding everything from the ground up to allow for local control but without that I don’t see anything working officially on HomeKit. If you want to add bulbs, sensors and plugs into HomeKit you can but you will need to use Homebridge or Hoobs. I have been running Hoobs for about 6 months now and it seems to work okay. The sensors are a bit slow as Hoobs has to poll for updates from the Wyze servers. Due to the delay I am in the process of replacing all of my sensors with Aqara sensors that natively support HomeKit. The speed is a night and day difference. I really wish Wyze would get on the ball with this integration but I am no longer holding my breath.

With that being said maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can provide a little hope for us. I come to the forms all the time and from past conversations on here I know Wyze was going to re-evaluate moving HomeKit up this year but we haven’t heard anything since and I believe a lot of that is due to the pandemic. Wyze has a lot of very talented people working for them and I know they can pull it off its just a matter of if they really want to tap into the HomeKit market and timing around having a team to move it forward around their product releases.

The “pandemic” has been overused as the bogeyman for why things get delayed. Everyone I know in tech, including where I work, has not had a single project delayed due to the change in circumstances. I write code just as well from my home office as an office down the road.

Some projects, like those for businesses that required an in person patronage and were essentially closed were delayed. Case in point a buddy that works on in stadium entertainment systems. Or airline workers.

But for a company like Wyze or Ring etc, sorry I am not seeing the pandemic as a cause for delay.

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I 100% agree with you that the pandemic is completely overused but its not stopping companies from using it as quick out. I manage a large IT team and this pandemic has not stopped us from doing our job. For us it just means same work different location (remote).

Hopefully we get some answers from Wyze on Homekit during this big week of their 3rd anniversary. Starting to get tired of the run around. If they put effort into integrations like HomeKit/SmartThings or repairing the broken Google integration they would have a truly great product line at an amazing price.

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They also need to work on reliability. The fact that my sensors would randomly go offline as would my cameras means the integrations would be immaterial. I replaced all of those sensors with products from other companies at a slightly higher price point.

Since doing that my new sensors have not gone offline even once. Most importantly not even during extended internet outages. (A benefit of local not cloud control).

Saving money means nothing if you can’t rely on them to function. It’s a false economy.


I’ll really appreciate an update from @Wyzeteam

What sensors did you get?
And I wish COVID didn’t affect my work in IT. Still busy as always but now if something need replaced it 10x hard to convince our president and he more likely to just no

That’s unfortunate but I think that reflects on where your business revenue is coming from. Our primary clients are banks and insurance companies. So if anything our income has increased.

As far as sensors go I bought a mixed bag just to try out. Aquaria, Eve, Onvis for the most part.

I know that this is still a discussion but we’re not very likely to add a new integration until we get the problems with our existing integrations resolved. I’m not going to give a timeline but I know that Frederik is still talking to HomeKit.