Apple HomeKit Integration


I purchaser a couple of Wyzecams and they are great but i also spent 5 times as much for a camera that worked with HomeKit. So HomeKit integration would be great



Would really love to see it connect with google home!



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I read somewhere that Apple Homekit requires certain hardware for encryption or something. If that’s the case, the existing Wyze will not work. I have full Apple eco system and not planning to change to Google or Amazon. So, I guess I have to wait for the Wizen Homekit version before I invest this.
Or I just buy a few cheapest Wyze cams for the time being. I would be sad to throw away the old cams though.


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Good to know!! Thanks Rajivarma!



@DreadPirateRush kinda completely missing the point of this thread.



Nope, I was replying to R218, who wants it to connect to Google Home. :slight_smile:

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Aha, apologies - I guess that other guy didn’t realize the thread was just about HomeKit…

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No worries! This forum is kind of different – confuses the crap out me sometimes, still. :laughing:

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No problem, pliu!



Via Reddit, @WyzeFrederik commented:

We just had a very positive meeting with Apple about HomeKit at CES. We made the commitment to study the feasibility to add Wyze cams to HomeKit.

The rest being under NDA, I can’t say more.

Hope this means good things for the future possibility of HomeKit integration.

Since Google Assistant/Home integration is currently in development and it will require HLS video streams (I believe the same protocol HomeKit uses), hopefully HomeKit integration could come soon after Google Assistant/Home. Fingers crossed!



We were hoping that HLS could be used and was, in fact, the reason we choose it for Google Assistant over the other protocol but apple’s engineers clarified that HLS is good for server to client. Not necessarily from device to client so we have to look at a different protocol.

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HLS has as much to do with HomeKit as IFTT has to do with the International Space Station.

The request is for voice control and automation. Nobody mentioned streaming.

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See link! :smiley:



Please see the first comment in this feature request.



Another vote for HomeKit integration!

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Another vote for HomeKit integration here, too.

While I don’t necessarily need to view the video through HomeKit, I’d love to be able to turn notifications on/off using HomeKit, or react to motion detection events.

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Raises hand for HomeKit integration!

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