Apple HomeKit Integration

You may want to look at the Aqara brand which are homekit compatible and priced reasonably. It seems they may be another branch of the Xiaomi China based brand the setup seems like the same product, it has the same collapsible foot the setup process uses the same QR code display being read by the camera and a place for the micro storage card to record to, They have bulbs, cameras, switches, a whole array of sensors They are all reasonably priced, I am going to buy the starter kit $129 US on Amazon to see if their products will work for me. if they do I will be leaving the Wyze world.

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I bought that before and it doesn’t work right it took a while for it to start working the right way so I just do it in the garbage yeah Waze is not integrated into the Apple HomeKit which I would love it to be but I have Google home and other Google devices that I could use or just log into my Waze account it makes it pretty easy with IFTTT It Kinda add Apple into the mix

Aqara is a good way to go if you want HomeKit availability now. I bought some of the Aqara devices for things I wanted to be integrated into HomeKit such as the temp and vibration sensors that Wyze doesn’t make just yet. I’m skeptical about adding or replacing some of my Wyze sensors with Aqara for the time being since I’m really hoping Wyze gets on the ball quickly next year and adds HomeKit support.

As far as Aqara devices they are easy to setup and reliable. One thing to note is to make sure you buy the US version. I saw a post on the Aqara blog that the other version is the Chinese version which a lot of people purchased prior to last week when the US version was released. The China version is made specifically for that region so I assume some sort of back door access.

Eventually when Wyze adds HomeKit support and more sensors I will be getting rid of Aqara but it’s what works now.

I believe that the innards of the Wyze product are the same as Xaiomi-Dafang which is the base for Aqara the main difference is the firmware/software and packaging.

That has apple HomeKit integrated into it but the thing is that all the xiaomi cameras and home devices have a hub to that Hass to be plugged in at all times and it’s not hassle free it’s a pain in the you know what

I just don’t get the feeling that Wyze is serious about HomeKit they are putting their eggs in the google home and IFTTT basket.
Also, it is misleading to say that Wyze doesn’t need a hub. A device “acting as a hub/bridge” must be plugged into the back of the camera to control many of their sensors as they don’t use WIFI due to the high power requirement. Battery operated devices will most likely be Bluetooth, z-wave, zigbee or some other low power mesh protocol.
I believe that to use the sensors you must have a camera with the hub/bridge installed.

I really do believe Wyze is considering HomeKit I believe it would dramatically increase their market share because their app integrated with HomeKit would be an amazing feature that they could advertise about their app is easy use simple and just everything you really needed to do if you could just integrate that with HomeKit that you would have a game changing winner and as you can see from the past wyze products and features that they really do take their customers feedback seriously a lot of the features that they have Addit customer requested Features I do not only take the company at their word but I take them at their past experiences that they have shown and proven their integrity to try to implement the things that the customer wants to see in a product that they are willing to purchase as long as it’s economically feasible for them to do so it is a company trying to make money in the industry with cheap knock off‘s with half built apps that claim to have more features but don’t work nearly as well as the wyze do

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Anything in the works to control Wyze Bulbs/Plugs from a HomePod?

No there is no home integration for a Wyze bulbs they are trying to work on it maybe they can come up with the hub for the cameras and door sensors the bulbs and other products that they plan on coming out with later on in the year hopefully everything works out

What about the door lock /homekit compatibility C


Depending on what they’re going to do I think they just might have a central hub to enable HomeKit on their future devices i.e. cameras for the pan v2 camera v3 I think that would make the best bet because then you could add it and a DVR so you could be able to record if the camera gets stolen you’ll have your footage deal which it would be great because mine got stolen and one got broken so I would love to have a recording off of the camera


#WishList for a DVR for off camera recording you guys could add central hub for all the products which would be great because you guys would be able to at home kit and all the other smart things

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  1. Love your products.

That said I have decided not to buy any products that do not integrate with home kit. As a consumer I want 1 simple app to run all my integrations.

Please be the solution.

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Hi, any news yet on HomeKit integration on Wyze bulb or sense? It’s been almost 6 months since your last update.


Absolutely! They would get the same boost, but probably bigger, that aqara gets with their HomeKit enabled hub. Cheap, and opens up their accessories to a whole other market!

No, no news yet. But we haven’t given up!

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Do you have an estimation for the Homekit integration? I think this would be great news to hear.

Thank you!

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Isn’t this just for HomeKit Secure Video? I’d be good with just simple HomeKit/Siri Shortcut control of bulbs, sensors and even basic camera functions. I’m fine switching to the Wyze app for actual video. (response for Jason/WyzeFrederik post Dec '19 - not sure why it shows at bottom of list)

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The wizen app is great, I have no need to view the video from the iPhone Home app. But HomeKit integration of bulbs and sensors (including the cameras’ motion/face detection) would be absolutely huge. I will buy twenty bulbs the day they get HomeKit integration.

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While I’d still like to have video feeds in HomeKit I can live with using the WYZE app. I agree with your sentiment regarding the bulbs and sensors. I have HomeKit switches in my house. Bulbs are kinda pointless if I have to whip out my phone every time I want to turn on the lights in a room. If only we could get WYZE to give us confirmation on if HomeKit integration isn’t coming…

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