Apple HomeKit Integration

The indoor 2K public beta starts now. Just got my invitation!

2K is just barely higher than HD btw.

Yep, that’s very true. But it’s a particularly noticeable difference at least in my case. Had the Eufy right next to the Wyze for a couple of days. The Eufy was much clearer to my eyes in all lighting conditions.

And the person and animal (pet) detection was spot on. 16 events on one day on the Eufy, the Wyze saw 1 event. And it was shadows moving.

Once cameras move from H.264 to H.265 we will see an improvement as well. Hopefully UHD H.265 cameras are on the horizon.

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Yes and that also brings with it (usually) 30 FPS video recording as well. It will be a definite improvement.

HomeKit Secure Video:

They will not be able to put HomeKit on the outdoor cam because they’re using the same hardware inside of it it just has two batteries and a bigger case it’s the exact same camera as their V2

Add me to the HomeKit want list. With new features announced in iOS 14 this is really a must have


I would like to add my name to this list of wanting to see HomeKit integration. Apple open sourced HomeKit, making it available to more of the industry, starting with iOS 14 (according to the senior engineer, Yah, during the 2020 WDC event)


The homekit is the biggest thing holding me back from bulbs and plugs!! the wife is to use to using the quick homekit controls for lights with Hue


Well if all you care about is home care for the bulbs in the plugs then you should download the home bridge and install that on your windows computer or your Mac OS computer and it will use that as a hub for everything you scan the HomeKit symbol and it will set up a home kit up for you do you search for wise within the accessories and install it and you’ll have control over all your wise products besides the cameras with the HomeKit up I will try to post a video on how to do it

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I too use Homebridge to bring Wyze plugs and bulbs into HomeKit. It seems to work very well for me. Highly recommended.

I will how to look into the home bridge. Do you know if it works with the wyze lock?

The wyze excuse for no homekit compatibility was due to not meeting the hardware requirements for the cams. Still not sure why all the other stuff isn’t being perused by wyze for Apple homekit. No reason other than fees maybe, at least to the casual observer.

However, as others have recommended here, homebridge is an option, I went with hoobs just for the ease of the setup. I had an old netbook laying around doing nothing, so got rid of win7, loaded lubuntu, then added hoobs as a quick and easy way to get homebridge running, added the wyze plugin and bingo, got my plug and bulb in home app with Siri control plus I set my iPad as a hub so have access from outside my WiFi network.

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Hoobs and Homebridge are good options but nothing beats native HomeKit integration. I run hoobs and I automate a lot of my sensor actions with Wyze Sense but the the delay between the sensor, hoobs and HomeKit makes automations very slow. I wish Wyze would step up to the plate and make this a reality.


The Wyze Connected Home plugin does not currently support the lock. But the plugin is actively being developed and supported so it is entirely possible they will support it at some point.

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I would tend to agree. For critical automations I avoid Homebridge and HOOBs and stick with native HomeKit accessories.

I am probably going to do the same. Aqara has a great lineup so I will probably switch over to them for contact and motion sensors until Wyze can get it together. I wish their pricing was a bit more like Wyze but at least it will work with HomeKit and all of the automation’s I have quickly.


The pricing of the Wyze Sense devices is so far impossible to beat. So much so that I was willing to put up with some less than perfect performance. But after awhile you realize reliability is worth the price difference. At least in most use cases.

Hopefully they will get it fixed at some point. They really are neat little devices that when they work are great!


So I like the sense motion and sense window sensors but it sucks that they sometimes stop being seen by the bridge for no reason. It is frustrating! And at that point I gotta ask what’s the point of spending a few bucks on junk that you can’t depend on.

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