Apple HomeKit Integration

As far as I know it only runs on a raspberry pi or their stand alone system. Check our their site.

Hoobs runs just fine on Linux (Debian in my case).

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I thought the pi os was some flavor of Linux at its core anyway. I got lubuntu on an old mobile pentium dell netbook, 2010 era, but it does fine for kodi. Heard on reddit maybe that hoobs was way easier to setup than homebridge. So was thinking to try it but wasn’t sure about the os. Don’t use kodi often so it’s mostly just sitting idle or displaying a slideshow of family photos. Guess I’ll give it a try.

I think the Homebridge vs. HOOBs ease of use thing may have been true once. But I find either installs and runs cleanly. Where there are still issues in my experience is the plugins. On Homebridge anyway. But if you just don’t install bleeding edge versions they are usually fine.

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Thx. Will probably revisit this since I now have a couple of bulbs and plugs. No real need for the cams to be in HomeKit at this point plus I’m not too thrilled to change them to the RTSP fw.

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This was a great suggestion. I picked up a Raspberry pi 0 w and was able to quickly get the bulbs and plugs into HomeKit. Communication between my HomeKit devices and Wyze is working perfectly. I can now add the bulbs and plugs into my automation’s without having to call slow IFTTT integrations and web hooks. Wish there was an integration for Sense so we can utilize the motion and contact sensors.

I still hope Wyze brings native integration with HomeKit soon but this will work for now. Its a bit disappointing that Wyze will not make this happen already as its been asked for a lot and for a long time. This one size fits all approach of wanting to bring all of the devices or none of the devices isn’t great for consumers. Clearly the bulbs and plugs work fine in HomeKit. I hope Wyze puts out a mid year review to see whats coming up and we can finally see HomeKit on the list but I am not holding my breath.

I got Homebridge running pretty easily on my MacBook Air.

Not sure why you replied to my post - I think I was asking about Linux. Maybe you confused me with someone else asking about OSX.

Homebridge has multiple platform support so it can run native on OS X or can run on a RPI, etc.

I was actually asking if hoobs could run on Linux. ie - my interest is running on Linux. I don’t care about what runs on OS X, windows, chrome, android, iOS, etc.

Redhat, Fedora…Yes

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Thanks for the link. My initial search found an faq but not the documentation. I used to run centos for my email, web, samba, ftp servers, but for my old netbook decided to try a lighter distro so now got lubuntu which is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian - so it should be worth a try since I think rasp is based on Debian as well. Can’t hurt to try. If not I can grab a fedora for another old laptop I got testing win10 early releases.

HOOBS makes it even easier with no web hooks. A great developer out there has been updating it lately with Bulb and Sensor support. I’ve tried the traditional Homebridge before, but it was over my head. Glad this method is more plug and play. I’m using it on a pi 0 w too.

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Just adding a vote here for Homekit. I don’t mind if I need a hub. I would like to be able to incorporate the sensors to trigger events in HomeKit. I am using mostly the ikea bulbs at this point because they do work with Apple and Siri. I would like to use the door and motion sensors as triggers.

I really recommend Hoobs. You can either buy their hub or do it yourself. If you do it yourself you only need a Raspberry Pi of any kind and a micro sd card. You don’t need any coding experience to do it. Super easy. Let me know if you have questions.

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I would offer that Homebridge IMO is very easy to setup on a Raspberry Pi or any Linux distro I happen to be using Ubuntu at the moment.

Homebridge now makes a Raspberry Pi SD card image for Homebridge that takes 99% of the config issues away.

The two cameras shown here are my Ring Doorbell and a Wyze Cam Pan. Both integrate nicely into HomeKit via Homebridge.

installed hoobs to give it a try on my lubuntu netbook. seemed to install ok, installed the wyze connected home plugin. wasn’t sure how to get the 2fa code so I logged out and back in to get the code on my phone. used that code and it seems ok but I keep getting this error: [Wyze] Error getting devices: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘app_id’ of undefined - not finding much searching this, any suggestions?

Not sure. The only error I ever got was during login because I had 2 factor turned on. When I flipped that off I was good. Perhaps you can reach out to the developer of the plugin via github.

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Will try turning off 2FA first. If no luck then will try the dev.

It was the 2FA. Turned it off and things showed up. Made my iPad a home hub so phone can be anywhere now. I guess best option for 2FA is to switch from sms codes to code generator app and use the code wyze provides as the 2FA backup code. Will try that next. But pretty sweet to have this available and get some decent usage from my 10 yr old netbook that wasn’t doing a whole lot other than collecting dust.