Apple HomeKit Integration


+1 for Homekit for me too. I currently have 1 as a PoC but its usefulness is limited with just the Wyze app.



+5 for HomeKit integration. I will replace 5 of my current security cameras if this is available.



Yep would like HomeKit here too!



+1 for Homekit integration.

This would financially benefit Wyze as well, since I would be able to set up my homekit geofencing integration preventing Wyzecam from uploading unintended notifications to Wyze’s servers :slight_smile: Right now a lot of videos are stored/uploaded to their servers that are unnecessary.



Would love this. I have tried Homebridge but much rather have a native support. I have 7 cameras a mix of V2 and Pan and absolutely love it.
Maybe Open motion data first so that certain tasks like Turing in the Lights or setting up a scene can be performed. The actual video integration can come along later. That way you don’t have to push all integrations at the same time.


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+1 Need this software update ASAP.



Is Wyze’s hardware already in the field eligible for Apple’s MFi Program?

If it’s a matter of cost, which I imagine it is given Wyze’s well known skinny margins, I’d pay for a software update that activates HomeKit integration on a per-camera basis.

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Please Gwen give us HomeKit in 2019, that way we could use HomeCam w/ our ATV and view our live feeds without having to use screen mirroring which defeats the purpose of not using the iphone to view live feeds. So far HomeCam only has a short list of 1-4 cams I think that are compatible with the app to view live feeds and …they all suck and not as popularly sold as Wyze. You guys would be killing it $$$ when HomeKit integration is done and we can use HomeCam.
check it out guys HomeCam-short Vid



Very cool, just watched the YouTube video. Would love to view Live feed from my 4 Wyze cams on large Sony Bravia screen via my ATV4K. :apple:



I know right! when I saw the short list of compatible cams already on HomeCam I was amazed that they are either OLD or not popularly sold as Wyze or even Arlo, Nest. If Wyze would get on this quickly with their selling point and price, I think we’d see a major increase in Wyze cam sales being able to view live feed on ATV - 89% tallied in 2017 apple users have at least on ATV in their home or office so this would be awesome.

Thanks for the support Lets vote this in!

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I just watched the video also and it would be really cool if Wyze cam worked with home cam. That looks like a great app, now I just need some cams to work with it.



Any update on this?

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We all said it here. If it not underway, this is a moonshot for market share. Most HomeKit market share.



You need this



I will add my voice to this - add HomeKit support to the Wyze cams and own that particular market.

In fact, my suggestion is sell the HomeKit version of the camera for $10 more, a price well worth paying for this feature !!

Just do it sooner rather than later, or make it the highest priority.



Apple Homekit will be awesome. I have invested a lot of money for my smart home. Everything that I own is Apple based. I have 0 Google or Amazon device. When I was given a Amazon Alexa Echo for Christmas I just rewrap it and gave it away. PLEASE make Wyzecam work with APPLE.



Put me down for 30 cameras with HomeKit support.

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I purchaser a couple of Wyzecams and they are great but i also spent 5 times as much for a camera that worked with HomeKit. So HomeKit integration would be great



Would really love to see it connect with google home!