Apple HomeKit Integration


This is under strong consideration and we’re investigating it. This probably won’t happen soon, though. HomeKit is Apple’s software that allows for integration with smart home devices. This would allow automation and voice control with Apple products.




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Home automation integration - plans?

Wyze would be one of the few HomeKit cams — major selling point. $$$$$ for Wyzecam



Agreed, the HomeKit-compatible camera market is almost non-existent. This would be huge.



Been hoping for this since Wyzecam launched. Agreed that, even with only basic HomeKit support-like just being able to view the cameras feeds, Wyze would OWN the market for HomeKit compatable cameras. The few that are available cost $150 each minimum. There is a plug-in available for HomeBridge. It is very clunky and unstable, but it DOES work, proving that this is totally feasible.



What they said!!

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Sad to hear it won’t happen anytime soon. I’ve been holding off using an alternate firmware that gives rtsp and homebridge support.



Please. Any HomeKit integration would be appreciated


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I agree with even having a homebridge solution in the interim. :slight_smile:

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HomeKit integration would be terrific, and I’d pay for an upgrade to existing Wyze cams or for future cameras.

Of course, I’d particularly love to see a pay-for upgrade for existing cams. I believe this is possible, as Apple adopted software based HomeKit authentication in iOS 11, dropping the special hardware requirement.



I’m sure this topic has been requested before, any update on plans to integrate with home automation systems (my preference would be Apple HomeKit, but as I’m running my own Raspberry PI with HomeBridge & node-red, I can accommodate others as well)?

My schedule is irregular so using the current regular schedule to turn on the camera isn’t very useful – right now, I have to remember to run the camera on every time I leave the house; most often I forget this, so the Wyzecam is a pretty useless brick just sitting there … Of course, geo-fence based integration would be fabulous :slight_smile:




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Geo-Fence or other choices I was looking forward were.

– IFTTT integration

– Google home and /or iOS home Kit integration

– Button to turn it on remotely

Also recommend having a button to turn on/Off for notifications

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I imagine their plans eventually include moving into home automation, most companies do these days.

That being said, IFTTT integration is available with version 2. (and I believe the developers reported before they will try to bring similar functionality via firmware updates to version 1) I believe Alexa support as well for asking to view the video on the active feed is my guess. If Google Home cleans up their “watch this on that” commands perhaps it would work well that but I don’t know what other features it would provide.

What do you mean to turn it on remotely?

Also, a quick toggle for notifications would be nice but could also be solved by geo-fencing in Most cases. I don’t know where you’d place that button that isn’t about equivalent of opening the app to turn them off.




Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure your suggestions get to the team! I know they are looking in to many of the features everyone suggested here, there is just no update or timeline on which ones are working out or being added. Stay tuned, thanks!

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I’d just like to add my vote for adding some great HomeKit integration. I’d honestly drop everything and buy four more WyzeCams.

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PLEASE ADD HOMEKIT. Especially since you can now add it though a software update (new software authentication in iOS 11.3)… this would add so much value with not much dev lift




+1 waiting in HomeKit integration before buying Wyze Cam



++1 for Homekit integration. I know so many people that would be interested if that were available.

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I also will expand my WyzeCam collection when HomeKit support is added



HomeKit please. I am currently looking to replace my current HomeKit cams (Logitech circle 2). I would love if Wyze supported HomeKit, especially since HomeKit no longer requires hardware to be HomeKit compatible. I would fit my whole house with wyze cams.

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+1 for Apple Homekit. I know a ton of people who have a need for these devices that Apple Homekit would make it even simpler to use. I have 6, but would buy more if integrated.