Apparently I am a glutton for punishment

Hooked up my 20kmah battery to the Balcony Cam yesterday, it reached 100% and is at 95 this morning.

Found and charged my 10kmah battery, hooked it up to the Test cam, faces the opposite direction on the balcony. It typically stops at 98%, which the current charge indicates.

Both cams are fully recharged, I left portable batteries connected to both. I thought the cams were staying fully charged. But, after viewing them and seeing the message they are charged and warning me to disconnect the cable, both cams have stopped charging and started draining. The bottom one was recharged 24 hours ago, the middle one 12 hours ago

WOC 5 is at 34% SOC and the solar panel WOC is at 88% SOC. Been cloudy the last few days so the solar panel has not had a full charge.

Unless someone here wants updates, I am going to stop reporting, and say the Wasserstein solar panel provides enough power to keep the Wyze outdoor camera happy over a period of 25 days (date of my first post about the solar panel)

My next experiment will be to connect a v3 to the solar panel. The connector on the solar panel is meant for the WOC but will work in a pinch.


Something odd… WOC 5 was below 30% yesterday. When I disconnected the Wasserstein solar panel from the solar panel WOC and connected it to WOC 5, the SOC of WOC 5 has not improved after 24 hours of partly cloudy weather. It is at 22% now.

Apparently the Wasserstein solar panel will not recharge a WOC but can keep it charged.


Wasserstein sent two return labels. They will send two floodlights for the v3 that are not remote controlled once they receive my defective lights. I am hoping the weak link is the remote. Nowhere can I find info about the range of the remote. I have gone so far as to put it right next to the floodlight. Still goes on and off even if it is daylight.