App Version 2.12+ Released! - 8/17/0

Tough to follow in the video, but do you have an idea of the connection speed you’re seeing while viewing Live Stream on HD?

60-100 kB/s on my pan in SD. I can be on the same wifi and grab that old garbage IPhone 5C with an outdated app and the zoom works on both cams.

This happened right when there was an app update and 2 firmware upgrades around the beginning of July.

*edit just realized that was directed to gyzmo

75-120KBs. I have tagged you @WyzeKyle for @Yupperz . He mentioned that the 8X zoom has not been functional for a few updates in live and playback viewing but working in the events viewing. This issue seems to be on iOS only according to @HDRock . I have the same issue but didn’t realized it before viewing his posts. Check posts above. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you are responding to someone, click the arrow at the bottom right. It will be easier to follow a conversation. For the 8X zoom, @WyzeKyle is the right person to take care of it.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the info G, Does this address the Outdoor camera’s lack of ability to store events to the SD card? In the old V2 camera, each event was stored to the SD card, and I could look at them by pressing “Playback”, in my Outdoor camera that is no longer possible, because there is no “Playback” button… Is this normal operation?

As an aside, the battery life of the Outdoor Camera is phenomenal.

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When I attempt to view my cameras on my tablet, it says that I must “Reactivate your subscription.” When I tap on that, it says, “Level-up your Wyze Cam experience with premium features”. When I tap on “Remind me later” it goes back to the Account screen.

When I tap on the Home button, it shows no devices or rules.

When I tap on the Events button, and then tap on an event, it says, “The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded.”

I have cleared the app cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, and restarted the tablet.

Do I have to pay extra for the premium features just to view my cameras now?

I am extremely disappointed. All my cameras are useless now.

I must be the only one with this problem or the forum would be littered with complaints that their cameras don’t work any more.

What do you say @WyzeGwendolyn?

Appreciate the continued updates. Please be advised that in this latest app update, wifi signal strength for the outdoor cam does not seem to be working.


I noticed the same problem with this app update. It appears to be limited to Android only, as I have no issue under iOS.

I did not say it was only on iOS , I said , maybe , this is exactly what I said “maybe it has something to do with the OS I run Android”

You wrote you don’t have this issue in android…

We have it on iOS. That’s why I wrote « seems to be on iOS only»… according to your answer.

Sadly I wonder if the battery life is so good because it is actually not recording to the SD card at all, as mine is.

Your Outdoor camera is recording to the SD card??? Is it moving the motion captures to the SD card? Do you see a PLAYBACK option when in event view mode? My battery is lasting forever so far, I am on week 2, and at 90%.

No, that is the whole issue, it is NOT recording. That said, I purchased cards that were 32 and 64gb, thinking that the outdoor cam and base could handle the extra size card, just like the Cam2 does (I have 128GB in that one) and no matter where I format the 64gb card, the outdoor cam nor the base will recognize it. The 32gb one is in the base now since evidently that is where the 12 second clips are saved, and yet it is saving no clips and does not show a PLAYBACK option. There is no card in the camera for the moment since I have to sadly swap the 64gb card for a smaller one.

This is sad, I also expected the outdoor camera to operate and function as the V2 cameras did…

Sorry for my delay, @Wrecks0! Is this still a problem for you? That sounds frustrating and we apologize.

For the microSD cards, we only support up to 32GB in our products but, as noted, Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan sometimes have success with larger cards (though we recommend caution with that).

I must vent my frustration.

After all the support I have given in this forum, when I have a problem with my cameras I don’t get a response until a week later, saying “Is this still a problem for you?”

It very much sounds like you hoped that if you waited long enough, the problem would just go away on its own.

I’m angry and disappointed.

At least you got a response. They won’t acknowledge my zoom issue.

Yet it’s hard to miss it in this thread. Another try.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeKyle check his above about the iOS zoom.

@Yupperz If you do not have answers, it is probably because this problem is not important even if this function is announced in the specifications of the cameras.:thinking:

If you have an answer they will ask if you have a support ticket number.