App snapshot - PNG now JPG?

Wow this is weird.
Well I now take snaps using TinyCam pro, the Wyze app and this latest “feature” have basically made the app unreliable and I can no longer rely on it, at least for this.

WyzeFrederik recently disclosed that they have been soft launching WebRTC to some cameras and I’m speculating that just maybe that has something to do with this.

I’m using the rtsp firmware on my cams, not sure it’s that unless somehow the cloud broker affects this, which I would find surprising. I have only recently updated the app thinking it was that, but it was not. Where does that API sit exactly?

WebRTC, to my understanding, is being deployed in the camera firmware and used as the protocol to stream directly between the camera and other devices (including Wyze app on phones and Alexa units).

No idea how using Wyze RTSP firmware relates to your sizing issues but it has to be a factor.

I don’t know either, it’s not the rtsp firmware I’ve been using this for a year and haven’t had this issue till recently when I posted, so not the firmware. Really it’s unclear and since nothing’s changed wyze side I can only conclude it’s some weird android related issue

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Any link to Wyze saying this?

Yes there is. Here:

How is this deployed “silently”. If it’s not via firmware upgrade, is it through some back door? Is this going to give way to be able to log in and view your camera via a web browser, real time with no lag? I would like to look at my camera in a browser window when I’m in my house, not another device, will this allow it?

  1. I assume he means through the regular automatic firmware update mechanism. (?)

  2. Backdoors are always possible but I don’t think so?

  3. Yes, I think they have implied in the past that once they complete the shift to WebRTC the long-awaited browser view MIGHT edge closer to a reality. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t, consider dedicating an Android device to running TinyCam Pro in web server mode. This will let you get exactly the local browser view you’re talking about. (Not reachable via Internet unless you port forward.)


I have a x86 Android VM running, have used that in the past, but it’s not great (I mean the layout of the web server on tinycamPro - maybe it’s changed recently, it’s been a while). I have a L2TP VPN server set up, so no need to port forward, I would recommend against port forward if you can set up a VPN server. Most newer routers have this option these days.

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