App not connecting to cameras at home



I’m away from home at work right now trying to access the cameras with the app on my tablet and having no success at all.


After about ten minutes of trying, the app gave me the instructions to power down the cameras and try again.


That’s going to be pretty hard considering I’m at work. Plus, my tablet is wifi only. How can I troubleshoot if I can’t be onsite to do it?


Plus, if the only way to check to see if it’s working is to go somewhere else (and I have to use wifi to do it), that means I may have to do this one day at a time - wait the whole work day until I can go home again to power everything down, start it all up again, then wait until I can go somewhere else with wifi to see if that works.

I live alone - there’s no one to call to try to work this through remotely.




Is this on Android, iOS? V1 or V2 cam? What app and firmware version are you using?





Whichever cam I just bought that arrived last week - the most recent one you sell.

Firmware was just updated when I installed last night.
App version is 1.3.123

How do I find the firmware version?


Also, I keep getting notifications that movement is being detected (I have cats so no surprise there). So there’s some communication going on between the devices and my tablet.


I just can’t see the streaming video.



Just FYI, most of the responses you will get on the forum will be from other customers, not from Wyze employees. We aren’t the ones selling the cameras.

To find firmware version of the v2 camera, from your Android Wyze app, select the camera, then tap the “Gear” icon at the top. That will open “Camera Settings”. Tap on Device info. Look for Installed firmware version. This is also covered in the Wyze Cam Comprehensive Walkthrough “Advanced Settings” video (see link below).

For the troubleshooting, yes, it is hard to do it by yourself, especially if you have to drive a long way to get to a place that you can test remotely. Do you have any neighbors that would let you test using their wifi connection with your tablet?

When you are at home, once the app “connects” to the camera, all traffic between the camera and the App will happen over the wifi without going to the internet. That isn’t true when you are remotely connecting, then the traffic has to go through some other host on the internet. So it is possible that thing will work differently remotely than locally.

What tablet are you using, and what version of Android is it using?

When you say it can’t see the streaming video, do you mean you have never been able, or just when you are at work?

Does work “throttle” you connection? The Wyze FAQ states that you need to have at least 1.5 Mb/s connection both ways for one camera.

If you haven’t watched the Wyze Youtube “Comprehesive Walkthrough” videos, they are worth watching



I can connect fine while on my home network but not at all when at work on on a cellular connection. What’s the secret to making them viewable remotely?