App no longer works in landscape orientation on iPad

Since the latest app update one week ago, the app does not work in landscape orientation.

OK, I should clarify the app never worked properly in landscape mode, because the app is awful, but that’s a complaint for another post. But at least until recently the full-screen multi-camera view did support landscape mode.

But now whenever I open the Wyze app the full-screen view simply doesn’t work in landscape - only portrait. Or, it will maybe work one time but as soon as I switch apps it rotates straight back to portrait mode.

I’ve already contacted Wyze support about this days ago but they didn’t do anything.

Here’s what’s happening:


I am having the same problem with my android phone. Is this a bug in the app. or has the app. been redesigned to function this way?

Working correctly on both my Android phone (Motorola g7 Power with 2.30.0 (130) app version), and my #$%^&* iPhone 8 (2.31.0 (b2) app version). Can’t test on my Android tablet as it is not where I am.

Agree. AND they always could have made the little square box for turning it 90 degrees, LARGER. After all its transparent, its too close to the icons for color/b&w and spotlight. YES, please fix this AND make it auto shift to landscape. Its been long enough (too long) waiting for you to make it work.

It’s definitely a bug. In the previous version of the app, full-screen camera views used to stay on landscape even when switching between apps. I encourage you to contact Wyze support and tell them you’re having this problem (maybe link them to this thread?)

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Ditto. And it’s a pita

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There’s another post about this issue from 3 days ago named, Livestream Landscape Mode on IOS … at first, I thought the OP in that thread was referring to the ongoing (4-years) issue with lack of app-wide Landscape mode for tablets. Then realized it was a change in the way Landscape mode is handled during a live stream, as this thread points out.

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Today’s app update did not fix this bug.

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