App For Wyze Video Doorbell?

Anyone know of an app that will work on the Video Doorbell? Currently, when someone rings our Wyze Doorbell the only notification that I get on my iPhone [14.5.1] is a small notification screen - by the time I am able to open the live view on doorbell, the person is gone! This is NUTS! Wyze is aware of this flaw and has NOT addressed this issue for months - all the video doorbells that I have installed open a Call Screen window so you can answer door within a few seconds on an iPhone.
I need to find an app that will work with the Wyze Video Doorbell and open a Call Screen Window when doorbell is pushed - any help would be greatly appreciated! Basically, I have given up on Wyze fixing this issue on iPhones!

Currently, the only IOS app compatible with the doorbell is the Wyze app.

Too bad - the Wyze Video Doorbell is horrible on an iPhone or iPad! Ring, Skybell, Amcrest, Eufy, & Victure all work on the iPhone - full screen opens when doorbell is pushed to answer - not the WYZE!