App Dark Theme/Mode

Wyze is “dark deaf”. The request has been lingering for about 3 years…

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Latest comment from Wyze on this subject made by the VP of Product during an AMA today (I asked him the question for everyone who has been wanting an update). My exact question was:

What are your plans for an app design overhaul? (We’re told it’s needed in order to implement things like dark mode and landscape orientation capabilities)

His response is as follows:

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Haha, “…massive project”.

I would say they let it become “massive”.

instead of implementing change early on they just kept adding module after module after module every time they developed a product… So now they have to hire additional people at great expense to try and fix what they could have fixed earlier at much lower expense.

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Ton of folks?


10 x 200 pounds = 2,000 pounds = 1 ton?

Seems wrong to measure people by weight :confused:

I wonder if dark mode, created by a ton of people, will be a pay by the month feature.:smile:

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Thanks for asking @carverofchoice.

Another open ended answer that means nothing.

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Hi. I’m not an expert. I’ll interpret.

It’s a massive project. Once sufficiently staffed, two years to production release.

Barring any pivots necessary to respond to social competitive and economic challenges.

On planet earth.

Dark mode.

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What I don’t understand is how is changing color codes a “massive project”? I do understand it is little more complicated than that but still, what makes it to be so massive? Or is it rather the issue of priority? I would understand that.

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I have a feeling most (if not all) of their graphical artifacts are on a white background and they would not look good on any other background colors.

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Could be. All light background with light, hard to read text. Seems they could toggle the light bit somewhere in the code.

Yes, PLEASE make a dark mode/theme!! Have needed this for years. :blush:


I wonder how many people are working in research department?

I don’t think there is a research department. The research would be up to the team that would be over the wishlist item. It could be delegated to the PM (Product Manager) or any other number of people on their team, and quite possibly have some input and decision-making by people above them based on limit resources and priorities. Some things that were originally planned earlier got delayed and pushed back due to limited resources. Wyze is in the middle of hiring more software engineers…and they discussed it in an AMA a few months ago:

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I can’t help but think that all the additional modules that have been added over the past several years have only complicated and made more difficult the app redesign.

If in fact that is the case I cannot see the logic and having produced all these modules which is software designer intensive, and not designating the team members to tackle these several wish list items, which put you on parity with the competition and satisfy us nagging customers who would be purchasing more if we felt the app made us more productive or gave us some more enjoyable experience with all your products.

Am I missing something?


Very safe assumption. :rofl:

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People? Plural? :sweat_smile:

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4 yrs ago I was a novice :sweat_smile: