App bugs and enhancements for tablets (iPad)

Tablets are great camera monitors! I use a couple of iPads in landscape orientation on a countertop. Unfortunately, the Wyze app uses only portrait orientation. When displaying camera video, tilting the iPad will make it go into landscape mode but this has to be done every time I select a camera. And the doorbell camera does not rotate. Enhancement requests:

  1. Please make the app work correctly in landscape mode on iPads.

  2. Please enable image rotation for the doorbell camera.

  3. It would be great to provide a quad camera display on an iPad. Select up to four cameras and then continuously sequence between them, maybe 10…15 seconds on each one. Tap a camera image to enable its stream. Stretch gesture goes to go full screen and pinch returns to quad view. Not as good as a real-time multi-view display but still pretty useful and only requires one stream at a time.


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