App 2.14 and Wyze Band Released and the Person Detection Pilot Closed - 10/13/20

What if I am not interested in Person Detection because I want to detect everything that moves?

I am already a cam plus sub…do i meed to make any changes?

Just make sure " all other motion" is selected.:slight_smile:

Oh ok…that’s the way i’ve always had it.

How about a update to GET RID of the floating send button

If you mean the “Share this video to help research” button that appears below every Event video… I agree 100%.

I find it disconcerting how this button is so prominent, given that clicking “Yes” (I don’t see a “No” option) would send the video to Wyze, I’d expect there to be a layer between checking out my Event and accidentally submitting it for research.

I like to know why my Cam V2 still has the issue of no micro sd card detected after every 3 or 4 days of recording. As stated in other threads the micro SD card has had 4 cards used and all 4 micro sd cards are the top end quality Samsung Micro SD cards even the extreme versions. All resulting in the same ongoing problem. I am having to plug and unplug the camera every 3 or 4 days and taking the SD card out and then putting it back in and reformatting the SD card and restarting the camera. To the point my micro usb connection is getting worn out. I am having to get up on a ladder and reformat my sd cards every 3 or 4 days. This is getting ridiculous and I have complained and complained to you WYZE and no reply no answers no fixes. If I don’t hear back from WYZE in the next week I am going to make YouTube videos showing the problems and screen shots of my un answered complaints about this problem that I have and others have had. Instead of making fat body scales and useless fit bands that the market is flooded with already maybe you should focus and make a Security camera that works! Getting sick and tired of the no answers here. 1 week and I start making those YouTube videos and make the terrible reviews on Amazon and also on Twitter and Facebook. I will be linking to the YouTube videos I create about your company if you don’t reply with some sort of solution to this problem with your cams.

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I have not upgraded my cameras bc I have heard bad things about the updates. Anyone have any info on to update or not? Thank you

@viscara You need to open a proper support ticket or nothing will get done. Be prepared to reinstall, reformat, reboot, take a screenshot or recording of the issue and have all OS info at the ready before you open a support ticket.
Good luck! You’ll need it. :jack_o_lantern:

@1tester Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t update unless it’s been out for several weeks. It’s common to release buggy updates and use public as testers. Sucks but true. Just hold off til stuff blows over.

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I take that to an extreme. I’m pleased to find that the majority of Wyze stuff with old firmware and old apps pretty much Still Just Works. Including stuff like person detection, Alexa integration, lights, etc.

As long as you’re behind a NAT router anyway, which we all are, there is precious little compelling need to worry about updating these things if they’re working for you. (Please take this opinion with caution and grains of salt.)

Thank you! Vrod

Hi Gwendolyn,

I keep getting messages about Person Detection.
I have tried to sign up but it would appear that this facility is only available to people who live in the USA or Canada.
What about everyone else in Europe and the rest of the world?

Kind regards
Noel Hanlon


Would like to report an issue with the playback.
After updated to 2.14.22, the video playback is choppy (1 fps). The live view is not choppy. The pervious version (2.13.22) played the recorded video normally .
I also took the SD card and play the recorded video on my computer and the video played normally. It seems like the app was having issue playing recorded video on the SD card in my Wyze cam.
I have already contacted the Wyze support and opened a ticket. Ticket number: 826564.

Is anyone having this issue?

I am on iOS 14.0.1.

Everything seems to be screwed up on this app you guys had years to get this right smh very disappointed . The fan is off but it shows that it’s on the sensor keep going out every time my cameras go off and on motion sensor is in motion but theres nothing moving in my backyard what the heck wyze I’ve invested alot in your product