API for Download and Control

I’ve stopped buying products that don’t work with Home Assistant. Recently I’ve become more hopeful about Wyze, seeing that the v3 cameras are coming with supposedly better internals. Maybe they have more play room on the devices to consider cloud AND local options.

Really, Wyze is a software/services company that isn’t selling dirt cheap devices for no reason… I doubt they will ever allow a device to be “local only”. Still hopeful.

I recently bought several wyze products without first checking if they are home assistant compatible. I will not purchase any more either until their is an API to work with home assistant.


Agreed. I doubt I’ll buy much of anything more unless they do this. There are other options that do allow for personal control so if Wyze doesn’t do this it’ll be their loss and probably be the downfall of their business.

Wyze is not going to justify time spent on local-control, just can’t see how they’d justify that to the board and their investors.

Possible API but, again, until I see a stable software and hardware across their line, and the ongoing loading of their current schedule just to meet currently released devices let alone pre-sale devices and those in development. How would they justify the cost and resources.

Let me say I hope they do, but reserve any anticipation.

Are you saying that investing in a better experience and in empowering users is a bad idea?

Nope, I’m saying that investors demand, and Wyze is currently delivering on their commits.

Soooo I was digging through my phone the other day (just backing up some files that I needed on my PC for a project at work) and got curious. I opened up the Wyze directory and found some files in there…To my surprise, a couple of those files have pretty much everything I need to work with their “non-existent” API to talk to their cloud server(s).


Please share the folder with us and let’s take a look, I’m sure it’s the same it has been used by the community to build the only integration in operation.

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Are you a major investor? Do you view great user experience as an unnecessary expense?

The devices have so unrealized potential …

I think a “wyze hub” would be great. Make another device to sell and make money on, which would allow 3rd party automation platforms to access the api, and integrate. If they did this, hell, I’d pay $100 to be able to integrate Wyze with my Hubitat. Then I’d buy Wyze products exclusively. All their bulbs, outlets, contacts, etc. It’s a win-win. They sell more products.

C’mon Wyze - the RTSP firmware was a great start but now that your product are evolving and the RTSP firmware is stuck in 2019, it would be good to have a way to integrate your products to more global products. No offense but the Wyze “app” will be not be the ecosystem of choice - it will be HomeKit, Home Assistant, maybe Smartthings (if they stop releasing terrible apps). Stop investing in a closed/limited open ecosystem and start investing in an open product base. Read the Sonos playbook – good products with an open API.


I would also like to put my vote in on this. WyZe still makes money as we are asking for API to use their products. There will still be the large majority of their users who are willing to pay monthly fees. Use their cloud services and what not. Think about the people who have not bought one of their products and placed into their home or.office environment because of no other integration.

Could end up with more sales in the long run.

A Wyze API could be a game changer. I hope they have the vision to do this. It will NOT significantly impact revenue. Well, it could increase adoption.:sun_with_face:

They can justify it by realizing that it was the maker community that brought them this far and start listening to us instead of doing what every other player in this market does. If they don’t I don’t see them surviving. They can’t compete with the main players. The only reason they are this successful is because of tinkerers like myself. But I doubt I give them anymore of my money.


Guys, Wyze already has an API… And it already uses a token generated in the Wyze app…

All they have to do is add a “Show me my API token” option buried in some advanced settings menu, and publish some basic documentation on the interface (endpoints).

The app already does everything you want to do, the API just isn’t “public”.


So perhaps the topic should say “PUBLIC” API for Download and Control? A hidden API is useless to consumers that wish to use it.

Hey, can you update it to add thermostat ?

Thanks Noel, I’m using the old RTPS firmware as well on a app “TinyCam Monitor Pro” on an old Android Samsung Note 4. I’l try your API with Home Assistant and see if I have any luck. I still ove to have the API it will simplify many items and will let me out of being attached to a vulnerable internet. Cheers

Seriously need API integration.

4030 projects for “Smart Outlet”

Ive spent hours/months/years on working on a smart outlet project, and Wyze can do everything I wanted to achieve for $10!!! All you need is a working public API, and so many people can stop re-inventing the wheel and build awesome stuff with your products!!!


Wyze please listen to your users and do this already.

As evidenced by the success of the venerated WRT54G router and other such tinkerer/consumer-friendly products, openness fosters trust & immense brand loyalty. Furthermore, it only increases the value of your products. I, for one, would eagerly switch over my existing hodgepodge of smart home devices to Wyze devices if you were to release a public, well-documented, developer-friendly API.


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