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Yep exactly this

Damn that sucks. I just looked at their website, they want $10 a month for pro. They should at least do what Wyze is doing and let existing customers keep their existing plan.

Is there a decent alternative that works with Wyze?

They are letting existing customers to “pay what they want” (min $1.99/month) for the first year, that is exactly what Wyze is doing (aside from the minimum price). I expect they won’t stick with $10/month at the end, it’s way too high for the kind of service they provide. Perhaps they’ll introduce a intermediate tier, or simply lower the price, but I find it hard to believe that they’ll stick to that price in the long run. They’ll lose too many users


I will not pay $10 a month for the kind of service that they have, my cameras go off line at least five times a day, my sensors sometime don’t trigger and my smart lock isn’t that smart

They will definitely lose me if they insist on charging me. I think a reasonable price would be $4.99 for people who want more than 10 applets and faster response times. $10 might be worth it for the advanced features, but definitely not for the existing basic applets.

While I appreciate the “pay what you want” subscription model and wish more companies would do this, their customers, who are the companies (or services) on the IFTTT platform already paying hundreds of dollars per month just to stay on IFTTT.

By charging users as well as services, they’re basically double dipping. IFTTT is usually marketed as a feature by IOT device manufacturers, just like Alexa and Google Assistant. Imagine what would happen if Amazon made Alexa a premium feature (even though we already pay with our data).
This is definitely going to backfire on them if they don’t reconsider their pricing.

I always wanted to start using Home Assistant, but never got around to it. Now, I have more of a reason to start working on it.

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It depends what your current set up is, I use SmartThings and tie WYZE into it, instead of IFTTT I can move most to Alexa and WebCoRE.

Does webcore support location based “routines” and do you need a SmartThings hub to use it?

I don’t have any smart home hubs and would like to minimize my reliance on the cloud. Most of my current applets use my phone’s location via the IFTTT app or my Alexa’s timers and alarms.

My Wyze related applets trigger motion detection notifications when I leave my house, and turn them off when I come home.

I would ultimately like to integrate all my smart devices using HomeAssistant running on an rpi4. I would have to see how location based triggers would act and the overall reliability of a local “home automation server”

I haven’t found a way to turn cameras on/off with alexa&webcore. Havre you?

WebCoRE runs with SmartThings and as far as I know does require the hub. I have not found ways to turn on/off notifications, but I have honestly never tried because I never turn them off.

I haven’t and as far as I know it isn’t possible but I honestly have not tried since I always have mine running.