API for Download and Control

Same question … has anyone from Wyze actually responded to this thread (skimmed it, but it’s 3 years long).

nope. but it would be easy to create one. use either POSTMAN in Proxy mode or Charles Proxy to record all traffic between the app and their server.

then you can create an API by simulating their app talking to their server.

For those out there who haven’t tried it I highly suggest using Home Assistant


There’s an addon for Wyze that you can setup to control most things Wyze has


But your left out with the cameras unless they natively support RSTP. Also, many have found that once they have the latest firmware, it breaks the code and they have to start again. Secondly, one time the developer had enabled a binary sensor so you could use your cameras as motion detectors. Pulling the same info your phone app would do. They told him to stop or be blacklisted because it was overloading their servers. Yea that’s right, a group of maybe 2000 people using this one specific piece of code is “overloading the servers”? If that truly is the case then they have much larger fish to fry, but it is them again pushing away any form of outside control. They want you locked into their software eco system so you keep paying that monthly subscription. Knowing that there will be a good 20% or more of people who will sign up not really knowing, forgetting about the subscription, and letting it run even though that one cool doorbell we bought last year and replaced is gone.

I’ve been testing Wyze since their first product and had very high hopes. Even turned on a few friends and colleagues, not that’s coming back to haunt me. All because they decided to not back the people who originally backed them, the home enthusiast, and instead go the same route as Ring, and so many others. Subscription plans and no real control.

They want you to pay forever. I gave up.

Give Home Assistant a try. You can install it on a RaspberryPi of your choosing or they have pre-made hardware for sale. Almost every major hardware is supported in one way or another or is being worked on. Most will be auto detected for you. Save yourself and your family from Multi-App Confusion


And may the force be with you……

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Would be nice if this new web view beta they have going on would allow an update to that intergration to allow live view without rtsp.

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Enable API/SDK and allow plugins on WyzeCam APP

This is a multipart ask, but I do believe could help in development in some of the feature requests.

  1. Enable 3rd party features/plugins on the WyzeCAM App
  2. Provide SDK and/or API
  3. Give WyzeCam users the ability to develop some features as a plugin.
  4. Have a Plugin Store which is curated/validated/tested by WyzeCam Staff to ensure no malice or security issues have been added

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This would be most welcome. I would love to create a $200 full-body motion capture system!

I’m just hoping for RSTP!

Provide a publicly available SDK & develop a community of contributors

As a long time software developer, including open & closed source, and a Wyze user needing new features, I would like for Wyze to develop a publicly available SDK, including a test harness (simulators, test cloud environment, etc), so that I can register as a Wyze community developer and build the features that I need on my own and contribute them back to Wyze. You could even award credits toward future purchases or something if a developer makes something popular.



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