API for Download and Control

Wyze is doing amazing work, from its incredible, affordable cameras, to its new Sense product line. I am really excited to watch you innovate as a small company. Yet, this wishlist category is filled with feature requests that will take years for Wyze to get through, even with their success and recent round of funding.

Wyze also has a great community of users, as evidenced by this very forum, and the excellent Wyze community over on Reddit. There are people doing really fun and creative things with their Wyze products, and a lot of really smart people who are wishing that they could do more.

You know how Wyze could leverage its great community to help it chip away at their growing wishlist of features? By releasing a public, documented API for their products. With an API, even a simple one, I could personally implement support for HomeKit via Homebridge, support for Home Assistant, tools for backing up recorded content, and additional automations.

There are so many great features and ideas that the community is sharing here in the forums, and I think Wyze, with its limited time and resources, could help accelerate the fulfillment of these wishes by enabling developers like me to get creative and solve problems with an API.

I’ve already personally implemented HomeKit integration for my Wyze cameras as motion sensors via IFTTT and Homebridge, but because I am having to go through an intermediary (IFTTT) rather than dealing directly with the Wyze devices through an API, its too slow to really be useful… I’m itching for the real deal!

This would be great. I am a software engineer and have build some applications using facial recognition. If there was a thumbnail api on a motion event I could easily write a quick app to compare it to known faces and send a text or notification of who it is if they are known or it is a unknown person.


I am also interested to know if Wyze has any plan to release cloud API to access the camera motion, sense and other info/events.



With all the new wyze sense devices and wyze bulbs on the way it would be great if the API was public and or published so we could integrate these wonderful devices with all kinds of different smart home platforms ranging from Smart Things, Home Assistant, OpenHab and many more.

Thanks for considering this request.


This would be a great addition to the Wyze Platform.


I can see the developer API program can be even more important for Wyze considering the bulb, sense and future products Wyze are going to introduced into Smart Home area. Leveraging other developers’ resource will just help Wyze’s integration with others go faster and wider.


I would love this as well!


In the meantime I have the following: https://github.com/noelportugal/wyze-node, I can do most of the actions the mobile app can do…


i totally support idea of API ( maybe JSON )

using IFTTT … how slow is “slow” ?


For smart home applications, if it’s not “immediate” (~1sec), it’s slow. :rofl:


As a new Wyze bulb owner I’m disappointed Wyze hasn’t published APIs yet. As a company that tries hard to appeal to its consumers’ needs in 2019 it’s obvious requirement for any “smart” devices to have.
Kudos to the community for being able to reverse engineer the APIs but it is a shame to Wyze for not providing the minimal effort to at least help a bit to the community’s developers.
I would not recommend this product until this issue is fixed


I completely agree!!!


I bought a bunch of sensors and they are basically unusable because I can’t tie them into any location based awareness. IFTTT just lets me turn push notifications on or off.


yes! the ability for your community to lend a hand in expanding your device capability would be an adrenaline boost. Many of the wishlist comments that I see, and what I’d like to see the most, is to have MUCH more control over event driven actions and routines. On the other hand WYZE would need to be prepared for that ride.

For example, while its nice to be able to set notification levels per device, I would really like to be able to schedule different sensitivity levels/notification options/video triggers/etc based on what I’m doing at a given time or day. example: I only generally want a door contact sensor to tell me when it’s left open - BUT when the family is all in bed, or we are gone for the day/vacation/etc I would prefer to be notified immediately if that contact sensor changes state. The current application allows me to set one setting for all the time - which is very limiting. The normal daytime setting of ‘notify me if this sensor is open > 1 min’ is not good if someone forces entry in the night or while we’re away from home.

It would also be incredibly useful to have a local ‘hub’ that could be used via API for further integration with other systems/etc, allowing me to self-integrate to things on my own. I could run a ‘smart hub’ on a rasperry pi and integrate into sending sms messages (more reliable and faster than IFTTT or data based notifications), more direct control over more things, etc etc etc. I love the wyze cams and sensors, but already have a bunch of ‘smart plugs’ that I use with Alexa to control lamps in the house/etc. Given that wyze is now entering the smart plug/lightbulb arena, to make that viable there needs to be better integration/flexibility driven by the users.

Think of it this way, Apple and Android both skyrocketed because they invited the community into the platform development arena. This is a ripe time for the same situation with ‘smart things’ devices.


Add me to the list of API lovers.
In my case it’s Indigo, a multi-protocol smarthome app for Macintosh.

Wyze must be able to work in a multi-protocol world. I want my Insteon motion sensor to be able to turn on a Wyze bulb, and person detection on my Wyze cam to trigger other actions. These and more are available with Indigo, which encourages user plugins and extensions. I’d like to write the Wyze login!


Throwing my hat in the ring for those who want a public API for Wyze. Would love to build include Wyze devices in my apps with all the great work they’ve been doing


Adding my own plea for this. Personally I hate IFTTT. Not just because it’s painfully slow (sometimes I’m already at work before it realizes I disconnected from my home wifi), but because it needs location data just to do that too (stupid android). I could build my own “at home detection” with almost zero lag and one less app that can track my movements all day every day in a matter of minutes if there was just a simple API to toggle basic settings like motion detection.


Develop and release “bindings” to integrate Wyze devices into the openHab smart home ecosystem.



Deffinately json lol

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Yes, Please release an official API. Wyze Integrations and Wyze popularity would explode. There are people who are willing to help with this for free just so they can partake of the resulting goodness thereof. I would love to use Wyze Bulbs and Wyze plugs, but there is no way to integrate them with something like HomeAssistant, so they are just isolated to the Wyze app, which I’m not going to open every time I need something. My philosophy on Smart Home technology is: it will happen automatically or I will use my voice; if I have to reach into my pocket every time I want something done, that’s no different than a regular old light switch.
The type of behavior expected is not just “someone walks into a room and lights come on.” That’s easy. An example of the behavior expected is “IF my livingRoom TV changes from Playing to (Paused or Idle), THEN raise the living room lights to 40 percent WHEN It’s 1 hour before sunset or later OR the weather outside is NOT Clear or Sunny.” I have this logic working with HomeAssistant, AppleTV and Hue lights. This type of logic does not exist in the Wyze app nor in IFTTT.

IFTTT is not only limited, clunky, and slow, but it is entirely reliant on the up status and quality of the internet connection, and the IFTTT site as an extra hop, which is something that nearly all Smart Home enthusiasts want to stay away from. If the internet goes down, I want everything that is INSIDE of my home to still work because it’s local, and I want it to be as instantaneous as possible. This is of course a major requirement to keep the spouse onboard. If things at home stop working every time someone at the ISP thinks “ah, it’ll be fine” before making some sort of change, the family will grow very fond of NotSmartThings.

Lastly, there are plenty of people who are simply uninterested in using Alexa and downright apposed to using Google. Strong API leads to developed integrations with HomeAssistant and OpenHAB, which means that GoogleHome, Alexa, HomeKit, and others instantly become possible UI options, with no additional effort from Wyze.
Something that works locally would be best, but even a web API directly to Wyze would be better than going through IFTTT for now.