AP (access point) mode - connect directly to camera without internet

We use the wyze cam as a baby monitor and in some locations, there is no wifi internet. we then need to use 1 phone as AP and the next 1 as a viewer. It would be great if we could just connect to the camera through wifi for live monitoring.

The wyze cam would create its own wifi network and the phone would connect directly to it.

It would be nice to be able to connect to my WyzeCams via local network without an internet connection.

Use Case: local storm knocks out power and broadband, Cell hotspot not an option as cell network is overloaded. Back up generator provides power to home, including wifi router, WyzeCams, PC’s.

Issue: Wyze App won’t launch as it can’t connect to Wyze servers, so local connection can’t be established. When I look at my router, I can see the camera is connected.

Time frame; NOW!

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I guess this thread to place my wish list. Given that the local provider goes down, that wyze.com also has down time, that connecting to Wyze.com uses resources, it would be nice if there was a way to add to use a home computer (I have windows 10) to run/view products when the internet is unavailable. E.G., I would like to turn on/off plugs and bulbs when internet/wyze is down without physically going to the item. In addition wyze might be able to us the processing power of a person’s home computer to do image processing. They could also add a feature like 24 hour recording of video to the local computer (thus freeing wyze from hosting data and connection costs). I imagine they could also figure out a way use the idol power of possibly million of computers ( I for example have 3 that are mostly constantly on) with the permission of the owners. I hope this is technically possible.

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Please create the option to use the cameras and app on a complete standalone WiFi network without the need for Internet access. Of course the cameras are designed to view iver the Internet, and that’s great, but please incorporate an option to allow the cameras to run in a standalone, isolated network. Thank you.


Local Network Wyze Cam Access

Hi I’m looking to have some functionality to cover this scenario…

Have a remote cottage in the woods, with no internet access/cell services, however I have a local network (WIFI) that I would like to connect my wyze cams to and my tablet and monitor the cameras while I’m there. When I’m not there it doesn’t matter as I have no power.

This currently isn’t possible as the app requires internet access… but I would love an option to connect locally over wifi to the cameras. A setting in the app that says local only…

This solution could apply to RVs as well… I have many friends that have asked for this type of setup… the new v# cams are incredible for outdoor viewing at night and id like to see if there are any bears etc before going out at night.

Thanks in advance…