Anyone Test The WCO In The Fridge?

One of the reasons I got the V2 Wyzecam was because my step kids would never listen to my nice requests to not drink any of my Cokes, even though they could help themselves to whatever else was in the fridge. After a long day at my job, a Coke was like the equivalent of a beer to me. Well, anyway, even when you questioned one of them about it in their room as an empty Coke bottle was lying a few inches away on the floor, they’d firmly state that they didn’t drink it.

Eventually, they realized I was not just a little more nicer than their biological dad (don’t worry, deep down he knows he’s mean), but more tech savvy. And they saw that I didn’t just have to rely on an empty bottle on the floor as evidence, but now also a kitchen camera that could show the hour and minute the incident occurred.

Later on, they stopped even caring about the camera and went back to their old ways, but now my wife and I have our own smaller fridge in our bedroom for all our little personal drinks and desserts.

But still, I can’t help but wonder, will the Wyze Cam Outdoor work inside a refrigerator?

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That’s an interesting question. I know I didn’t put it in the fridge. It’s the wife and me here, so if I didn’t take something out, there is a finite number of possibilities as to who did. :wink: Unless, of course, my CRS kicks in again. That’s the reason there is a V2 on top of the fridge.

But, I digress. The camera could definitely handle the fridge or the freezer in terms of temp. But, I don’t think it would be able to maintain a signal to the base from inside a large metal box. And if it connected up when the door was opened, your coke fiend would probably be gone by the time it started recording.

It would be an interesting test.

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One of the beta testers posted that it was outside in the upper mid west all winter, so I would think it would survive in the fridge. For what it’s worth, I had a V2 in my freezer for about a month and it worked just fine. I was having an issue with the icemaker and wanted to be able to watch what it was doing.


It can survive the fridge no problem. I think the biggest issue would be if it could connect to the wifi base. Fridges are generally pretty thick metal which would block the signal. So more than likely it would depend on the fridge, but I think you might find it having a lot of issue being able to connect to the base.

No wireless device would get a signal inside a closed refrigerator. They are basically a faraday cage when the door is closed. Will the WCO survive inside, yes but the communication won’t work with it closed.

I have wireless sensors (Samsung SmartThings multipurpose sensors-Zigbee) in all my refrigerators and freezers. Some are 50 feet away from the hub. No problems! The only glitch is the batteries last about 2 months. At .40 each on amazon, it doesn’t bother me.


Wow, I have tried with one of my SmartThings multipurpose sensor and it didn’t connect. Must be my fridge construction.

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So another point in the V2’s favor over the WCO then. No SD card in the WCO(?). Pop a V2 and battery in the fridge and you’re all set. Also, get better step kids. :wink:

Yes, there is an SD in the WCO.
Not sure about it’s stand alone recording abilities though.

Oh? I’m sorry, I thought I had read the SD card resided in the base station.

So I put my test unit in my stainless steel fridge and it works just fine. The base was around 15 feet away with only the fridge door in between. :rofl:


Both in the camera and in the base station. Both are theoretically limited to 32Gb so not sure what the point of the card in the base station is.

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Does the light go out? :blush:

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I’m gonna do a test with a v2 in one of my fridge soon.


Light definitely goes out! Night vision kicked in.

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Sigh. Another mystery explained. Next you’ll be telling us you tested and that chewing gum in fact loses its flavor on the bedpost overnight.

It doesn’t really lose it’s flavor but it changes.
I think the dog was licking it though.


Backup Recordings

We’ve included a microSD port in the Base Station itself so that you can backup all local recordings (including time lapses) from your Wyze Cam Outdoor. Even if your camera is stolen, your recordings will be backed up to the Base Station.

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Follow up test: The camera also works one floor below the base station in my garage, inside my chest freezer. Ice cream thieves beware!

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Wait wait. They still won’t let us transfer recordings off the SD card in the V2s (many request threads / wishlists) but the WCOs are doing this automatically? Great.

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