Anyone stuck with a ghost 'RULE' they can't delete?

Same issue with Ghost rules on 2 plugs…disappointing that supposedly they are aware of the issues since December and it still isn’t working. I actually also have rule that can’t be deleted. I click on it and it just goes back to the main screen. I’m wondering if it isn’t tied to our accounts on their server. Haven’t gotten a reply to any of the email updates they asked me to use. Probably going to switch to WEMO. I have one 2 of their products and they work great. Too bad, Wyze was a good company with affordable products until they got too big.

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I was having a ghost rule problem with my thermostat. Every morning I would wake up and it was 66°… For my case I deleted all the rules and unplugged it from the wall and it finally stopped… Clearly not the same issue but something similar…

Nothing I did would stop the ghost rule turning on my light bulb early in the morning. After attempting to contact Wyze multiple times over several weeks I finally got through to somebody. I basically demanded that they send me a new bulb under the warranty which they did, though I think reluctantly. And now I just need to send back the old bulb. It still doesn’t fix the issue, but at least it solves my problem, for now.

The only way they finally got back to me, was for me to give them one star into Google Play and complained. Finally after going back and forth on an open Google Play review, they finally listened to me. So, apparently they really don’t want bad reviews on Google Play, so that’s the way I would do it.

Same issue with 2 plugs…got Wyze to respond. Sent logs and the event history–nothing but crickets since then. One poster here said they think the rule is stuck in the plug itself. I’m leaning that way too since I’ve gotten 2 updates to the app and still running old non-existent rule. Also tired of Covid being used as an excuse for poor service. My guess too is that they expanded ino too many other areas and now their core business and support are awful. Will probably have to switch to Wemo…have one and it works fine.

The rules live and run in their cloud. My internet was down the other night, my lights didn’t turn off on schedule. Pretty sure the plugs/bulbs are just dumb endpoints that either get a “turn on” or “turn off” pushed to them. There is a disconnect between their customer accounts and their rule scheduling system.

And I couldn’t agree with you more about companies using Covid as an excuse. It was fine last spring as the whole world adjusted to it but now? Nope, I’m done giving companies a pass on lousy customer service. You don’t fix the issue or pick up the phone in a reasonable amount of time, I’m taking my wallet elsewhere.

My initial thought was the Cloud too…seems like they should be able to find the error rule on the account and get rid of it. Or I’m open to just recreating the account.

You guys are correct. This should be simple as opening a support ticket, the 1st level tech recognizes that the problem is in the cloud, and escalates it to the correct engineer.

However, the 1st level support techs only do the basic troubleshooting and it goes no where. I’ve tried so many times.

You would think the Wyze engineers would read the forums once in a while, but I guess that doesn’t happen either.

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Yeah, i imagine the devices are linked to your account, not the app on your phone. They should be able to go in and clear out the device, but i bet that level off access is not given to front line. It took about a month of troubleshooting and they sent me a replacement plug. Hopefully they fix the issue in the app if enough people report the issue.

i have the same issues. WYZE i am sorry but i am giving some bad reviews based on how you guys handled this situation i suggest to everyone to do the same,