Anyone hear people talking the their cams

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Thank not too worried about it.they are real faint and dont bother me.I dont need to contact wyze.i figured it is normal not even sure youll be able to hear it in my video.I just did one but its so faint right now.It does get louder so once it does im def posting one for yous to hear.

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Every time, someone will refer them to the Wyze security team. And Every Single Time, nothing happens.

Meanwhile I believe it’s possible under some circumstances - I had bleed through from neighbors taking over my Bluetooth speakers in spurts. Surprising.

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That brings back some teen memories… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Had a highly modified and highly amplified CB radio (back in the 70’s) :grin:
I could talk through my neighbors electronic keyboard, and guitar amps…
I was a real AH as a kid :grin: :rofl: :grin: :rofl:

What’s crazy to me is that Bluetooth was NOT supposed to be susceptible to this - because, unlike those keyboards and people’s dental work and other analog receivers, all communications are both digital AND signed with session handshakes between paired devices.

But apparently not. :frowning:

There still is an audio stage that is analog, so even a Bluetooth speaker could get interference in the analog stage with enough energy.


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I hear people. I also hear things banging around.

The next time this happens, record it and post it here. Someone might have some insights.

Just had this happen to me. I did manage to record it, sent it to wise. Let’s see what they say. I have a unique username and password just for their service

Voice (Appears Indian), speaking in another language, then asks “what are you watching on TV”. At that point I stopped recording to unplug the camera.

FWIW, I didn’t have 2FA, needless to say, it’s on now.

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How did you send it in? Did you contact support? And if so did they give you a ticket number? Can you post it here if you have one.

If you haven’t this way yet, I would plug the camera back in let it connect in the app then submit a log through the app and include the video if it lets you in the log submission. Now send an email to saying what you did here in this thread and if you can include the date and time and your time zone in the email from when you heard the voices. If you don’t remember you can look at the cell phone video you talk and that should have a timestamp from when it was created. You can also include a link to this thread in the email.

Another thing you can do is as a precaution, if you haven’t already, is change your account password to a strong and unique password and that’s not used elsewhere.

Thanks in advance and hopefully they can get some answers to to you fairly quickly! I have also sent your information here on so that we can get lots of eyes on it.


At the very beginning of the video, the camera rotates a little. Did you do that or did it happen “on it’s own”. That would be good info to include in your report.