Anyone having issues with recorded clips from WOC running at double speed?

Tried 5 more times without success. Bright Yellow, Solid Blue, cam connects. Left the card in and did power cycle didn’t work. Did all steps again, took the card out power cycle, no luck. I have done this flashing procedure many times before with other version and never had an issue. Maybe I will see if an old version will work? Maybe the October version. I used the correct file for November:

No, you should place sd_update folder in the root directory of the card, I suppose it’s disk “E:” you illustrated here.

Absolutely right, always wait LED solid blue or off to do next step. Light yellow means flashing on-going, bright yellow means normal powered-up during boot. Do not shut-down the device in yellow stage, otherwise the updating will be interrupted and cam may be in-functional or bricked.

Yes “E” was the 32GB SD card. Now the SD is in “F” because I plugged in my printer which is now USB “E”. F is a 8GB SD card

These are the files on the SD:

Put sd_update folder directly under “F:”
Do not let it in sub-directory “wco_cam_sd_4.17.1.290”

Yes, thanks. My error was downloading the firmware directly to the SD. This time I downloaded the firmware file to a Firmware Download Folder on my PC which I had previously made and used. I then extracted the sd_update to the SD. I’ll test it out as soon as the sun wakes up later.

**** One of 4 cams back to version :grin:
Can’t believe I made that download mistake and has anyone seen my car keys :upside_down_face:

**** 01-16-2022 All 4 WCO back on firmware version and all recording correctly with night vision on. What a pain in the a$$.

Got notified today to update base station and it took. But issue not fixed. Are they even trying to fix it?
Its been a couple months. Support does nothing.

It is the camera firmware that is the issue. If you are using the December 2021 WCO firmware change it back to the November version Go to the release notes and download the November file to you computer, The directions say for a windows computer right click the downloaded folder. Extract the sd_update file to a SD card. Follow these directions. This will work !!! I just did it last week.