Anyone else's bulbs stuck in shipping?

Since last weekend i have been anxiously checking tracking to see when my bulb pre-order will be delivered. That excitement only exacerbated by each post on social i see about people and their bulbs. Meanwhile my tracking on UPS still says it is in Fife, WA with the last update on 7/5. USPS states waiting to receive it in Tacoma so no extra info there. Anyone else see this? I searched the community and it seems this is not the first instance of this happening.

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It is possible that UPS has lost your package. There definitely should be some tracking information by now. I received my bulbs today and I live in Virginia. I recommend contacting the Wyze support team and give them your order number and your email associated with your Wyze account.

Order Support

Tracking Info

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My bulbs arrived today. Setup and working with Alexa routines!

Similar but UPS shows it’s near to my house in Atlanta and with an expected delivery of yesterday. I’ll give it another day or two before making calls.

Same thing happened to my bulbs. First, stuck in Fife, WA for 5 days UPS stated that delivery was scheduled for 7/10, then stuck for a day in NJ. Now, supposedly, in Philadelphia and will not be delivered until 7/15. You make Great products, but maybe, you should choose a more Trustworthy Shipping Partner.

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Same thing with mine, still says delivery by 7/10. This happened with my very first wyze order and UPS had handed off to USPS. The anticipation is murder.

Same. I got mine today. UPS doesn’t show them as being delivered.

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Check the tracking number on UPS tracking seems to go silent for a day or two while they’re handing it off to USPS for final delivery, mine finally updated to show delivery today (7/12) via USPS after a couple days of saying delivery Wed (7/10).

I changed the topic title so people wouldn’t think it was about bulb’s getting stuck while being set up. :slight_smile:

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I have to add my voice to this choir. Mt package was stuck in the USP Mail Innovations black hole until yesterday. It is now in Bensenville, IL. That’s about 90 miles away. It’s anybody’s guess when it will get moving again. I had also been given a 7/10/19 delivery date.

I think the use of UPS Mail Innovations as a shipping method needs to be reexamined. It is clearly not providing the positive customer experience we have come to expect from Wyze. Because we are paying the shipping costs (almost 20% of total cost), a better solution really needs to be found.

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Missed the early access bulb buy … but based on the number of posts and replies on various threads… and my pre-existing hatred for Mail Innovations, I’m thinking missing the early access bulb purchase was a good thing! :laughing:

Same situation here, bulbs still show sitting in Fife, WA with a delivery date of today, USPS still shows waiting for package. I agree with @mvb, at the price we pay for shipping a new partner is needed.

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My delivery had the same issue as others. It was tracked and scheduled to be delivered “by end of day” yesterday, Thursday. Didn’t happen and the tracking status never updated. The US Postal service delivered it first thing this morning. Two hours later I received the tracking notification that it had been delivered.
So, it was late but I am now setting up, experimenting, and playing with the bulbs. Really don’t have any set plans but it’s definitely interesting!

If I had realized the shipping was mail innovations I would have skipped the early access entirely. I’ve only seen the absolute worst from them and smartpost, both taking from 1 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks on average. My bulbs are still sitting 500 miles away waiting to be handed off to the postal service.

Mine were scheduled for delivery Wed and were just delivered today. Still no update on tracking.

Good thing I have a Wyze Motion Sensor in my mailbox and Wyze Cam v2s watching the carport and mailbox so I know when things are delivered :wink:

Latest update is that the package has been dropped off at my local post office. Scheduled tomorrow for delivery. Half tempted to run down there today and pick it up.

UPS finally updated tracking. it now is in texas (oklahoma is the final destination) so whatever truck it was stuck on, seems to have finally made it to its destination. though, it still says to expect it July 10th :laughing:

Aw I’m sorry you haven’t gotten your Bulbs yet! While there isn’t much we can do to speed this package up, our operations team is in the middle of making some big improvements that will avoid similar situations in the future.

Sorry again for the delay and thanks for being a member of the Early Access community!


I haven’t received mine yet. Seems to be stuck in the post office handoff world. I work for UPS and this has been the most frustrating thing as an employee in the company. I used to know some folks on the IT side of UPS Mail innovations. I’ll have to chat with them. The delivery date was showing 7/10 and still haven’t received them and the status hasn’t updated for several days.

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@barrygabler the UPS side of the tracking for me also shows a delivery date of 7/10. But the USPS side now shows more detailed info now that it is in their hands. It should be part of my regular mail delivery.

It seems that this could be solved if Wyze stopped using this hybrid delivery service. My suggestion would be to use USPS Priority Mail within “x” miles of the warehouse and straight up UPS Ground for everywhere else.

Got mine today in Ohio. Original UPS tracking said delivery estimated wed 7/10th but I think that’s when they turned the shipment over to USPS.