Any ship notices yet?


Anyone receive their ship notice yet?


Some have received their V2s already. You may want to join this FB group:


Nope, dollars to donuts still won’t ship as promised!


I am getting my Wyze Nest shipped before my original order, I received shipping notification with tracking number for order placed on Sunday, however the product page still say orders placed today will have to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery!


As I mentioned above, some have already started to arrive. Orders are being shipped in the order they were placed.


Fyi … approximately 30 minutes ago (10:05 pm MDT), I received a shipping notification email with UPS tracking number for the V2 cameras I pre-ordered on 2/15. ?


I ordered on Feb 28th so I’m assuming I’m a long way off from getting mine…


My order was on 2/19, any day now the fun begins!


I received my email today! They have been shipped! I placed my order on 02/15.


Wonder what date they made it to so far?


I received a shipping notification email today, Order placed on 2/19


I ordered mine on 2/16 and it shipped yesterday.


Ordered mine Feb 25. Received my notice this AM.


That’s some nice progress for shipping these…


Wow! 2/25, I guessed they forgot my 2/19 order! Unless they will ship my order with my Wyze Nest.


Mine was ordered on 2/20 and it hasn’t shipped yet either.


Ordered 2/15

Received 4/5


Mine shows as being delivered today. Yeee Haw


Order Shipped


My order from February 28th shipped.