Any plans for Apple Watch app to view feeds?



Not sure how plausible it’d be, but would be an awesome option for those of us who can’t use our phones at work too much :wink:


I’ve passed this idea along to the keeper of Wyze’s feature request tracker. As an Apple Watch user, I’d like to see this too. I agree that it may not be feasible due to the data rate that would be required between the phone and the watch.


Thanks! It was just a thought I had while checking feeds from my phone. My wife has it worse, as she works at a Federal facility where smartphones are not allowed, so she has a Series 3 LTE to check messages and such, I believe the $10/mo device plans are for unlimited data so for her case this would work great!


So far not caring for my Wyze camera. Having the ability on the Apple watch would help a lot. And should be able on the watch especially the ones with LTE version.