Any plan for a Wyze cam outdoor ?



Hi Guys,

Would you have any plan for a wyze cam outdoor ?

Just the base wyzecam but just weatherproof would already be a very good asset.




It’s a frequent request, so hopefully Wyze has something in the works :wink:

In the mean time, people have had success mounting the cameras outdoors under cover through winter and summer (so far).

There are also some outdoor case/mounts you can find on Amazon. And folks have come up with some innovative clear box solutions you can find if you search here on the forum.


Thanks a lot Rick0, sorry to have missed the previous post on that topic.

I’ll check as well if I can find a topic on Jeedom integration


Have a very nice day.


The real issue is having a self-contained power supply for the cam.

Outdoor mounts are easy. Getting power to the cams, not so much!