Any one actually like the outdoor camera?

Yes, all good security systems should have battery back up.
That’s why I think everyone using a wireless system should have at least one battery operated cam like the WOC.

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That is probably the strongest argument I have heard for the WOC.

I have been very disappointed in this specific aspect of the battery powered Blink XT2s, which are utterly useless the instant the internet goes down, no matter the mains power status.

The saving grace of my Wyze V2s is that many are essentially battery powered via a collection of old UPSes, so they keep recording for quite awhile, even when both power and internet drop offline. And they should still record to the SD card even if the WiFi LAN is under jamming attack.

If the Wyze Outdoor Cam duplicates that, I just might have to order a few after all! :grinning:

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Yes, having UPs battery back-up for V2s is a wise choice, :grin:

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Wyze has NEVER been a security company

I just read this in another thread, didn’t think I’d have to paste so soon, thx @rbruceporter …from the Wyze Terms of Service:

B. Intended Use of Wyze Products and Services

Our Products and Services are intended to be accessed and used for non-critical, non-commercial, home-based, personal uses and not for safety, security or time-sensitive purposes. While we aim for the Services to be highly reliable and available, they are not intended to be reliable or available 100% of the time. The Products and Services are subject to sporadic interruptions and failures for a variety of reasons, including those beyond Wyze’s control, such as wi-fi intermittency, service provider uptime, and mobile operators, among others. Wyze is not responsible for any damages incurred by the failure or delay of the Services or Products.

And here’s their mission statement:


The founding members of the company met when they were working at Amazon and they brought the core Amazon principles to Wyze Labs. It’s our goal to become the most customer-centric smart home technology company. We’re passionate about providing customers access to high-quality products at great prices. We relentlessly keep costs low by partnering with the world’s most efficient manufacturers. We cut out “channel fat” by selling directly from our own website. And, unlike our competitors, we don’t seek a high profit margin over our cost base, passing on all of these savings to our customers.

so please people…stop saying they’re a security company!

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I like mine so far. I received mine last Wednesday, and was setting it up when AWS was working on their servers. So, I was a little frustrated with Wyze that night. (Didn’t know about AWS)
There are some changes that I’d like to see with the software. But, overall…I’m happy with it.

The Outdoor Cam and the base station both record to memory cards, so (if you have the base station on a UPS) you could continue to get recordings in both places, even w/ loss of power. The base station backs up the recordings on the cam’s memory card.

Yes and I can sell SUVs and avoid liability for my papier mache door panels as long as my “mission statement” declares I’m a lifestyle transportation modeling company. You can’t be serious.

Their products quack like a duck.

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:joy::joy: I don’t even get alerts on my outdoor cam. It sucks ass. I’ve tried all the settings and still no alerts. What detection settings would you recommend? I have my on my back door facing my drive way. I want to know who and when someone drives up etc. Should I put the sensitivity on low?

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So all wifi cameras on the market are “security” cameras? Pffft, talk to a security system installer and they’ll say any serious security camera will be hardwired. Wyze has never marketed their cameras as a security camera. But you can think whatever you want.

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I take my hat off to WYZE for the outdoor camera. But I’m not putting It out side, but I am putting the charging cable under my hat!


Setup was easy…mounted it and it works.

I never bought any Wyze cameras with the intention of using them as security cameras!!

I did purchase multiple cameras to record footage of people coming on to my property and having the ability to go to live view should I be home when someone is on my property, especially for my backyard. I had a few incidents where someone was on my property and used my furniture/possessions or a neighbor’s Cane Corso attacked someone near my property and the footage my camera had wasn’t the best.

The outdoor camera costs more but does less when it should have been an improved camera over the V2 camera!! To say or think otherwise is foolish!

This camera is lacking and not what I expected after more than two years of owning V2 cameras.


The whole Wyze is not a security camera is moot. Even if you want to call it a monitor or whatever you can still compare it to similar monitors and see how it falls short.

Fact is other similar cameras on the market can send you a notification when motion is detected within 5 seconds or so. 30+ seconds for Wyze outdoor is just useless. They actually market it as something you can use to communicate with your package delivery guy but 30-40 seconds is enough time for him/her to walk up, press the doorbell, wait for you not to answer and then leave. Then you get the notification, look at the feed and no one is there lol. So that feature is crippled.

Then similar cameras actually have decent sound not the quiet muffled sound that comes out of the WCO speaker. Good luck anyone actually using the 2 way talk in anything but total silence.

Other similar cameras with micro sd slots actually let you record as long as motion is detected or at least 1 minute. They don’t limit you to 12 seconds. I understand wyze limiting the free cloud clips to 12 seconds as that costs them but to purposely limit the clip size on the microSD slot without any justifiable reason is disappointing.

They wyze PIR sensor has a fixed zone. They literally put no work in to allowing the user to adjust the detection zone with any kind of software. Half the circle is the PIR sensor so what you see is what you get. Most other cameras on the market let you customize the zones.

Yes you can always fight back with the cheap card and you are right. If you want more then pay more. But I think the issues listed are fundamental issues that shouldn’t be allowed as part of any security … erm I mean monitor…

I have mine monitoring the yard for night time animals right now. It was supposed to be monitoring the house but the notifications are too slow. Works okay for animal monitoring though I have to trust that no notifications means no critters and not just wyze cam outdoor not working! 50:50 which it is. I cancelled my preorder for the other 3 cameras and I am still debating whether to keep this one.

Really all I was expecting was to get a notification of motion within 8 seconds of the event, be able to store up to a minute of said motion on the microSD card and a quick 12 second clip to the cloud, to be able to two way talk with someone easily and have it last 3-6 months on battery in a weatherproof shell. All with slighly upgraded wyze 1080p video. Not really too much to ask. I do like that the WCO is 20fps.


Regarding a failure to receive alerts, I found that I shot myself in the foot in two different ways. One was using the do not disturb mode on an Android phone. Deep in the settings for the do not disturb mode I had erroneously turned something off. The second human error involved my usage of the Beta app. A while back it was sending notifications for products I don’t own. I had to go into Android settings apps notifications and disabled a couple of the 5 / 6 options under the Wyze app, then my WCO notification problems went away after re-enabling those options.

5 or 6 options? I barely have two.

Mine is working out pretty well. It just survived an EF-1 tornado that happened to stroll through the city on Monday. Can’t complain all things considered.


Android has submenus that I think a lot of people miss. I’m not sure about IOS. People might see the first screen and figure everything is on without clicking deeper.

I think depending on the products you have there may be more categories and more submenus. I only have the Lock, V2’s, WCO and Sense.


Well waddya know. Thanks @kjay! I had to click the visibly unclickable “WyzeNormal” text and there it was. I changed it to “Make sound and pop up on screen” and I’ll see if that helps. Not sure it will as I’ve gotten no sounds until now either…

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No problem! Maybe change the default notification sound as well. Not getting sound is weird :thinking:.


Wyze needs to take the whole WCO thing back to the drawing board - never mind new features. Watch this in its’ entirety: [] Kind of a bummer. I have another on order that I’m going to try to cancel