Any news on the 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor release for the Wyze thermostat?

Anyone catch anything through the grapevine about the Wyze 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor’s that are mentioned on the Wyze Thermostat product page? I love my wyze ecosystem and own the thermostat but don’t want to install it until I can use the sensors at the same time since my current Honeywell T9 has that feature and I’ve become quite fond of it. My house has some spots that get blisteringly hot if I don’t have a way to tell it the temperature upstairs because the main floor stays very cool even during the hot summer.

I am really looking forward to it and it says early 2021. We are a quarter of the year done already so what is considered early?

I love all my other Wyze products and that’s all that you offer minus the sprinkler!

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Early=Any time in the 1st half, since it’s less than the majority of 50%. :wink: (June 30th)

All joking aside, I am half tempted to buy a thermostat just for this benefit (assuming the thermostat is necessary…kinda like my Ecobee features so far, but would consider a Wyze replacement if they add enough to make it worthwhile).

I also look forward to the leak sensors.

It’s been a slow 2021 so far (compared to all the excitement at the end of 2020). I’m hoping for a new launch or two soon!

Likely Imminent launches (based on things discussed publicly such as the AMA or website):

  • Temp/humidity/motion sensors (for thermostat)
  • Leak sensors
  • Light switch/dimmer (preferably no neutral wire needed)
  • Solar Power Option
  • Fire/heat/temp sensor (for HMS)

Services that could be released any time:

  • Public API’s
  • Edge PD
  • RTSP
  • Geofencing options/rules
  • More rules

I expect there will be a bunch happening next month when the HMS starts to be shipped & installed since they said the HMS integration was going to be a big focus of theirs. Very excited to see what’s next.

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Yes excited for HMS too. Then when I tell people about all the cameras I have up I’ll have a reason why… oh they are part of my home monitoring system. Instead of uh I just like having a view of every corner of my house and yard :wink:

If they do a switch on the level of Lutron Caseta I’d switch in a heartbeat. Or do some RGBIC like Govee and they would have all my money. Beside those two I only use withings sleep

I believe it’s currently in beta testing. I’m pretty sure one of the applications on centercode was for testing the remote sensor as the description required having a wyze thermostat.


Fantastic news Ken. Thanks for that.

Any ones heard of any updates? I need two of the remote temp sensors. Thanks.

Yeah any updates? My Thermostat is still sitting in box just begging to be installed

Would love to know when this is coming out. I have 2 Thermostats installed and I am having issue with the main bedroom balancing. Just an update would be nice. Is it 1 week or still a year away. They should remove the image for it from the website.

They should remove coming early 2021! We are over half way through the year.

Yeah, it is definitely not happening this month. Next Monday [Next week I bet] they will launch the Wyze Buds regular (to coincide with all the people looking to spend money on the summer Black Friday day…aka Prime Day/anti-Prime day)…at least they promised those launch this month, and they usually do launches on Mondays, and it makes sense they’d do it then to capitalize on spending frenzy…and they rarely to never do another launch within a week of a previous launch because it could cut into sales for the other product, which means there’s no way the thermostats are happening in June, so it’s definitely second half of the year.

I think part of the delay (while I am not a tester nor have any special non-public inside information) is that Wyze seemed to indicate that they may have changed the design on these to be better, and so it offset their timeline to compensate for the unexpected improvements. If so, I am happy for improvements, but wish the delay wasn’t so long.

EDIT: DAVE CROSBY indicated there will be something about these happening next week and to watch our inboxes. So maybe they are actually launching these for sale during the 1st half of the year.

(And as @Jason21271 points out below, looking at past preorders, it appears they usually do launches on Tuesday…I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do one on Monday next week though with the massive shopping money getting spent for that day)

In my condo the bedroom and living room temperatures is controlled by the Wyze thermostat located in the living room so to cool off the bedroom I have to turn the temperature way down in the living room so I hope the remote temp sensor is released soon!

My honeywell works very well and the sensors really do make a difference in holding a consistent temperature throughout my home. I just am bothered / irritated it’s another app I have to have on my phone just for it. Where the Wyze one one would fit in my wyze / govee ecosystem but I won’t switch without the sensors because I’ve become used to them

Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby was asked about these today, and his response was:

Keep an eye on your inbox next week :eyes:

I’m guessing they are launching both these and the nonpro Wyze Buds on [anti]-Prime Day!

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Looking at past launches they seem to be on Tuesdays, either that or I am ordering all my items a day late

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Huh, looking at my orders too you’re right. There appear to be some Mondays, but most are Tuesdays. I wonder why on earth I was thinking Monday? Guess my brain just thought “Beginning of the week.”

I wonder if they will do this one on Prime Day Monday (The Summer Black Friday) while everyone else is out looking for big deals and new things. Either way, Dave Crosby indicated the Humidy sensor might launch next week. I’m guessing both the new temp/humidty sensor and non-pro Wyze buds.

As an outsider, you seem to have better information that anyone, lol. However, any kind of release next week seems odd, as they just changed the store from “coming early 2021” to “coming 2021”. Maybe that’s the big announcement, although that info is already online in the store.

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That would be so amazing. Hopefully no max too cuz I need like 4-6 of them right out the gate.

You could be right, I may be overly optimistic in my interpretation. All I know is he said to keep our eyes out on our inboxes next week for something related to these, and I was just hoping that meant our inboxes will be telling us they are launched and available, but it could just be to give us an update or something.

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I personally wish they’d stop with any announcements on new products until they hit the date they need to fund production with a preorder. People get upset enough at the amount of time production takes; it just gets worse when they announce before that.

I think these were announced when they were still a gleam in someone’s eye, lol.


So this release, which is supposed to be this 3 in 1 sensor seems pretty half baked or an afterthought. Unless this truly is a different device they released today It’s a little bit of a let down. Doesn’t even work with the thermostat yet (that feature coming it notes) but I can track the data… what good does that really do the everyday Joe? I get it is you’re trying to have a grow operation or are some kind of Cigar Aficionado. It doesn’t mention that you can have it work with Alexa and at least be able to trigger routines base on the data which makes me think that it doesn’t especially since it notes how you the user can react when alerted to it being outside a threshold you set. sigh… We have had these types of devices all over the place. Was really hoping Wyze was going to stand out but they just folded into that saturated market. The question now is does a sucker like me still buy 3 or buy 6 like the original plan was even though they don’t do what I want yet?

I’m currently using SwitchBot Temp/Humidity Sensors to trigger actions like turning my AC and Fans on/off which are actually very impressive. Their HUB Mini especially is an amazing piece of tech because not only does it let Alexa talk to everything on their platform it also lets you program near anything that uses RF remotes into it and treat it as another smart device on their system being able to control them like you were there using the actual remote. Very cool and opens up a huge world of possibilities.