Any news on the 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor release for the Wyze thermostat?

Anyone catch anything through the grapevine about the Wyze 3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor’s that are mentioned on the Wyze Thermostat product page? I love my wyze ecosystem and own the thermostat but don’t want to install it until I can use the sensors at the same time since my current Honeywell T9 has that feature and I’ve become quite fond of it. My house has some spots that get blisteringly hot if I don’t have a way to tell it the temperature upstairs because the main floor stays very cool even during the hot summer.

I am really looking forward to it and it says early 2021. We are a quarter of the year done already so what is considered early?

I love all my other Wyze products and that’s all that you offer minus the sprinkler!

Best regards and keep up the great work,

-Wyze Super Fan and Promoter

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Early=Any time in the 1st half, since it’s less than the majority of 50%. :wink: (June 30th)

All joking aside, I am half tempted to buy a thermostat just for this benefit (assuming the thermostat is necessary…kinda like my Ecobee features so far, but would consider a Wyze replacement if they add enough to make it worthwhile).

I also look forward to the leak sensors.

It’s been a slow 2021 so far (compared to all the excitement at the end of 2020). I’m hoping for a new launch or two soon!

Likely Imminent launches (based on things discussed publicly such as the AMA or website):

  • Temp/humidity/motion sensors (for thermostat)
  • Leak sensors
  • Light switch/dimmer (preferably no neutral wire needed)
  • Solar Power Option
  • Fire/heat/temp sensor (for HMS)

Services that could be released any time:

  • Public API’s
  • Edge PD
  • RTSP
  • Geofencing options/rules
  • More rules

I expect there will be a bunch happening next month when the HMS starts to be shipped & installed since they said the HMS integration was going to be a big focus of theirs. Very excited to see what’s next.

Yes excited for HMS too. Then when I tell people about all the cameras I have up I’ll have a reason why… oh they are part of my home monitoring system. Instead of uh I just like having a view of every corner of my house and yard :wink:

If they do a switch on the level of Lutron Caseta I’d switch in a heartbeat. Or do some RGBIC like Govee and they would have all my money. Beside those two I only use withings sleep

I believe it’s currently in beta testing. I’m pretty sure one of the applications on centercode was for testing the remote sensor as the description required having a wyze thermostat.

Fantastic news Ken. Thanks for that.