Any iOS 13 dev here?

Wondering if the first beta is playing nice with WYZE? Was about to jump on but I can’t live without my WYZE cams so wanted to see if others have tried yet.

You want to use a the first beta of a new OS that has only been out 4 days now? Brave soul!


Ha yes I have done so almost every go around. The last couple have been remarkably stable but certain apps inevitably struggle

I would hold off. I had my first cam delivered yesterday (wooh!) and already had iOS 13 on my phone. Had to use my iPad (still on iOS 12) to set everything up, as there are many buttons that are invisible on the beta. Happens on my wife’s phone as well, who is also in the beta.

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Excellent info thanks!!!

I’m on the iOS 13 beta and the Wyze app works fine. And as a matter of reference, iOS 13 is pretty darn stable and I consider myself a power user. Ish. A couple of apps don’t work or fail on a cold start but then recover on the next start. Wyze is good to go.

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When considering pure functionality, yes, I can see the camera feed. However, there are several buttons ‘missing’. As a ‘power’ user myself, this does not bother me. But the app does not currently have 100% functionality.

Also — this beta is very smooth as you have already stated!

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I have the same issue with the Wyze Cam app, many buttons and text strings are missing from the app. I can get to many items, but can’t seem to get to the settings for my individual cameras.

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Also have an iOS 13 device and like others, the app has little to no labels. I have tried dark and light mode, as well as different text zoom levels with no success.

As an aside for wyze devs, some other things i have noticed is labels that use system font rather specific fonts occasionally have odd formatting and sizing. Might be related to weird constrains with auto layout but doesnt seem to occur on apps i know use auto resize masks instead.