Any guesses?


The tiniest ufo ever caught on camera, or a moth.


It was a pixie!


I have a similar one when I slow it down it looks like translucent light stream the interesting part is it seems to make a sound as it hits something- any thoughts? (409 KB)


I used to get a lot like this on a Nest cam. Moths or flying insects. A bright white because they are so close to the IR LEDs. Very annoying because they trip the alert.


Not dust. Do you have a pet gecko? At the beginning of the video, (I used VLC with frame by frame) there is something near the base of the chain where the “light stream” comes from. Whatever it was that made the light streak had substantial mass, it accelerates as it falls (the 1/10 second trail gets longer over three frames) and isn’t affected much by air resistance. Perhaps whatever was moving near the base of the chain knocked something loose from the window(?) above?

Did you find anything on the floor?




Well I have the same issue and I get these ORB’s all the time. Look at this video of my living room and tell me when does dust or insects ( which I have none in my house ) can do this. give me your opinion.


Looks to me you have hot air heating. If that’s the case what your seeing is dust circulating through the room.


Yea, I also thought for the second clip it was a Spirit Orb


neither the heater or air conditioning is on. all windows are closed due to alarm.



You were shaking all the ghosts out of the pillow!!!


Any of these caught with a pan cam? My v2 records these but never once has the pan cam.


Are you kidding? Please, it is not necessary to keep track of which camera is capturing video of dust or bugs and which one isn’t…it doesn’t change the fact that it is dust or bugs.

Yes, the pan cam sometimes captures dust and bugs. Not sure why yours has not, give it time, or feel free to do your own ghost/dust extracting pillow test…and please post the results!

(Note to self–do not resurrect old threads…)

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I get these too; some seem to fly the length of the room and ‘swoop’ past the camera. Have to admit i’m relieved that these ghostly dust buggies seem to be friendly and nobody has been harmed by them…


It not dust and bugs…i have my cameras outside…its 6 degrees outside and 20 mph winds and I get the so called dust and bugs flying left right up and down and the wind has no effect on which way they travel. At that wind speed the “bugs and dust” wouldnt be zig zagging and would be all going in one direction. Cameras are mounted in the open away from any wind turbulence created by the house.


Ok, you must be right then, it’s not dust, bugs, or some other type of molecules…it is most likely ghosts or miniature UFO’s. Call the national inquirer immediately…only after you call the FBI and the CIA. In fact, maybe you can start selling tickets for people to come visit your yard and observe this incredible action live!

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Ok Mr know it all…I stated that these could not be bugs or dust because of the conditions the cameras are in and you go off on a rant about CIA and FBi and disrespect other people comments on this site. I am looking for answers to see if its just a problem with the IR or is because I am using the cameras outside of the parameters it was designed for. You are wasting my time.


Hey everyone, please be kind to each other here.


I agree with you, and somehow you seem annoyed with me. If you want to talk about wasting someones time, why don’t you take a look at your own actions…you could actually post a video of what you are describing which would more easily allow someone on here to make an informed opinion about what on earth you are talking about. Additionally, just because you “stated these could not be bugs or dust” does not mean that it is actually not bugs or dust…unless of course you are some expert on micro particles and how they travel in the wind and reflect light in front of a camera, but if that were the case, you wouldn’t be here asking what it is.

You have already admitted that you have 20 mph winds, yet somehow you think this would not allow for dust, dirt or other particles to be flying in all directions around the camera; in reality, the camera is a square/rectangular flat surfaced object, anything being blown into it most certainly would be “zig zagging”, randomly, every which way when it encounters the flat surface, this is basic physics. While I already can hear you tapping on the computer that the wind is traveling from left to right or right to left in front of the camera whereby dust or other particles would be traveling in the same direction in front of the camera–to which my reply would be, without a wind meter being filmed to reflect the actual winds direction, it is well known that the wind has an amazing ability to travel in many directions and rapidly change course even when it seems to be traveling in one general direction.

Again, I suggest you post a video if you want people to come up with informed “answers” on what might be going on with your camera, otherwise, don’t get upset when people decide to reply to your public comment with some humor or sarcasm.

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