Anti-theft mount


So people can’t just steal it, something like this:


Sorry to be a buzzkill, but looking at that link, one good yank and the camera is gone. Plus the case costs more than a Wyze Cam itself.


The mount stick through wall by screw you can’t just “yank” it off the wall and the camera is chain to the mount, you can’t just “yank” it off.


Or just put them where bad guys can’t reach them.

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If I didn’t have to keep a ladder next to mine, the height alone would be a deterrent.


not such a great set up, all you need to remove any of the securing screws is a Philips screw driver, and that would also remove the bolt for the chain. I would look into finding a full locking mountable case or making one. is audio isn’t an issue and your residence is configured favorably, mount it inside a window looking out so it can be physically touched at all.